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Today, I wishing to larn dorsum to walking along the streets of my honey Insadong ... i of Seoul's most charming in addition to picturesque destinations. I talked virtually exploring Insadong during the Autumn of 2011 when me in addition to my friend walked into the famous street from the Bosingak tower. This time, I was yesteryear myself in addition to I started my walk from Angguk station. This lovely mural welcomed me when I got off the station.

I didn't actually receive got an itinerary which is quite unbelievable amongst my personality. Hence, I was partially simply wandering around, partially struggling to accept decent photos, in addition to all the piece avoiding to produce to a greater extent than shopping since my bags were already also full! Despite my messy lay down of mind, I nevertheless managed to relish the area. I suppose Insadong's charms were calming in addition to intriguing at the same fourth dimension thus I had no choice but to immerse myself inwards its beauty.

I skipped breakfast that 24-hour interval because I had to pack my bags in addition to cheque out earlier noon time. So my really showtime target was to abide by a eating theatre for early on lunch. I walked yesteryear thus many nutrient options but equally I didn't produce my research, I didn't know what to choose! I was also concerned of dining lone equally most restaurants may non welcome a solo diner Anyway, I settled for a dainty looking house later ensuring that they receive got my favorite bibimbap.

The ceiling was thus depression in addition to the lighting was quite intimate hahaha... It was non what I expected at all. But the bibimbap was adept plenty thus I had no qualms. I wanted to complete luncheon earlier the weekday crowd rush inwards thus I didn't accept a long fourth dimension in addition to headed out to the streets i time more.

I headed into Ssamziegil which is a definite must-visit for roughly unique crafts in addition to what-nots. As expected, I enjoyed going upwards the staircases, window shopping in addition to simply taking roughly photos. Too bad roughly stores don't allow cameras thus that business office was a tad fleck upsetting. But I tin sympathize the store owners good because they produce bear roughly interesting goods.

I in all likelihood spent a long fourth dimension simply hanging out at Ssamziegil ... probable because you lot don't actually quest an itinerary for that haha! Going out into the streets i time to a greater extent than was a fleck daunting because at that spot are thus many inviting alleys in addition to store fronts that I didn't conception for. I spotted this pretty gallery showing ddakji in addition to I was deliberating paying the fee to operate into ... but I was witting of the fourth dimension in addition to ended upwards passing it up. Maybe adjacent fourth dimension I volition conception for this walk better.

AS I walk further from Ssamziegil, I flora the cosmetic shops amongst the trademark Hangul names equally actually fascinating. Of course, the Starbucks i is quite famous yesteryear now. There aren't a lot of other cosmetic shops using Hangul names inwards Korea thus I actually idea the Insadong branches were adorable.

I wishing I had a detailed conception dorsum in addition to thus so that I would receive got combed the surface area fully in addition to enjoyed every corner of the place. But equally it was my final 24-hour interval inwards the city, I was feeling sentimental, rushed in addition to a fleck burdened amongst leaving. I vow to provide on a to a greater extent than relaxed lay down of heed in addition to would definitely larn through to a greater extent than of Insadong. This house has earned my blessing in addition to seems to ever beckon me back. :)

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