Taxi Fare From Incheon International Drome To Gangnam -Gu

If taking omnibus is besides complicated for y'all or doesn't become close your destination, too hence hiring a taxi from to Gangnam is a practical too convenient option.

Taxi Price / Fare from to Gangnam

The principal delineate organisation nigh taking taxi to Gangnam is the taxi fare. For a 1 agency trip from Incheon International Airport to Gangnam, the taxi fare or cost is only about 75,000Won to 95,000Won. Additionally, taxi passengers may also receive got to pay 8000Won Toll for Incheon Bridge tollgate fee (not included inwards taxi fare). If y'all accept a taxi later 12:00 midnight to 4:00am, at that spot is an additional midnight surcharge of 20% for regular taxi fare. 
If y'all receive got 4 people inwards a group, the cost for taking taxi to Gangnam-gu is exclusively slightly to a greater extent than expensive than omnibus because the omnibus ticket could easily cost KRW15,000 per person. Furthermore, taxi tin accept y'all straight from to the door pace of your hotel or destination inwards Gangnam. Most taxi from Airport are equipped amongst GPS which tin detect destination based on mention or telephone number. Therefore, y'all tin give your hotel name to the dirver (e.g. Aloft Gangnam, Novotel Gangnam, Best Western Gangnam), or only give them the phone number of the hotel.
Most taxi inwards Seoul are equipped amongst credit card too T-Money card charging machine. Therefore, y'all don't receive got to worry nigh changing your coin to Won until y'all larn to downtown Seoul. 

Taxi from Gangnam-gu to Incheon International Airport 

The taxi fare for provide direction to Incheon International Airport from Gangnam is similar, which is nigh KRW75,000 to KRW95,000. You tin destination a taxi on the street or purpose the Korean taxi hire mobile app Kakao Taxi (bus 6703, 6020, 6103, 6009 or 6006 from to Gangnam to meet if these buses destination close your destination inwards Gangnam-gu.


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