Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!

Happy Pepero Day!

Today is 11.11.10
Next yr gonna go 11.11.11
Hmmm..nice numbersssssssss 
I bet many people getting married today as well as in all probability adjacent year. ^^ Congratulations!

Why the appointment 11.11 is celebrated equally pepero day?
Pepero is fondly known equally Pocky inward Malaysia.  If you lot pose iv sticks of pepero together, don't they resemble 11.11? 

Couples inward Korea notice this appointment near similar Valentine's Day. They volition central candies, chocolate as well as particularly Pepero!

I all the same retrieve that Hojin gave me a box of Pepero on 11.11 of 2009. He wished me Happy Pepero as well as I was as well as thus happy for getting a mere box of Pepero! 

If you lot direct house to go inward Korea on 11.11, you lot volition encounter boxes of Pepero sold cheaply as well as couples walk away alongside presents or chocolates in their hands. 

Pepero (빼빼로) is a Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!">cookie stick, dipped in Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!">chocolate syrup, manufactured by Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!">Lotte Confectionery in Korea" style="background-attachment: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-image: none; background-origin: initial; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial; color: #0645ad; text-decoration: none;" title="Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!">South Korea since 1983.[1] It was inspired yesteryear the Japanese product, Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!">Pocky produced by Seoul Travel Destinations; Happy Pepero Day!">Glico.[2] (Source: Wikipedia)

Kara for Pepero CF


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