Seouldestinations; Busan 3D2n Amongst Farah

This postal service is genuinely a backdated one, a trip from ninth to 11th Apr 2013, all cheers to the lovely together with a really very humble daughter from Singapore; Farah - Thank you lot then much.

Me at Gimpo Airport -taking Busan Air to Gimhae Airport. 

I went to Busan every bit a tour guide.
All cheers to Farah that I was given this chance to residual my heed together with my trunk well-nigh the cool together with famous Haeundae beach.

Waiting area, earlier boarding at Gimpo Airport.

It was my 4th fourth dimension to Busan together with I genuinely experience similar at home. I prefer smaller metropolis similar how I honey Osaka over Tokyo. The same goes amongst Busan...but a warning for first-timer-entry-to-South Korea-via-Busan.

Busan is pretty much seat dorsum every bit compared to the working capital alphabetic quality city; Seoul. For the umpteenth time, I merely cannot..not to miss the Busan saturi = dialect. It sounds then sexy to my ears!

It kinda amazed me how I merely honey the intonation when people role saturi.

If you lot e'er watched Dream High; The grapheme Song Sam Dong played past times Kim Soo Hyun spoke inward saturi = dialect...Gyeongsangbuk-do saturi I guess..but I can't smash the exact district. Ilsan? Masan? Ulsan? Busan? Hmmm...If inward Malaysia, that would go then "kampung" of Song Sam Dong..hehe.

Out from the arrival hall at Gimhae Airport - next the crowds
to lead maintain Busan Metro for Haeundae. Read the sign '부산김해경전철 타는곳' 

I stayed well-nigh Haeundae beach together with the persuasion of the beach was superb! The conditions was cracking but rather mutual depression temperature for a dip inward the beach but the sunshine...oh..sunshine. I was inward love.

There wasn't much places covered during our trip to Busan, only:
  1. Haeundae Beach
  2. Yonggungsa or Yonggung temple
  3. Gwangalli Beach
  4. Gamcheon Cultural Village
  5. Jagalchi Market 
  6. PIFF 
  7. Lotte Shopping Complex at Nampo-dong
And..we covered exclusively one-half 24-hour interval past times walking together with the residual of the fourth dimension amongst taxi. Well non cheap...but Farah had blisters on her feet from her exhaustive 7-day-Seoul trip earlier coming to Busan. She burnt herself pretty good..heheh..Farah, I told you lot then lah!

Walk towards that covered pedestrian area.

I volition endeavor to write a few posts for the places covered inward Busan during this trip but for now..I genuinely involve my wink. My dark-circle has gone downwardly my cheeks,  yikes!!

Busan Metro Information.

That lovely girl; Farah

Hope this postal service helps to order you lot the experience of Gimhae Airport 1 time you lot walk out to notice Busan Metro. ^^

안녕히 주무십시오.

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