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Is CNBlue a prodigy?

Honestly, I don't fifty-fifty know how to handgrip whatever musical musical instrument but similar everyone I dear listening to music as well as keen songs. Most of the time, without whatever doubt, I would ever pick out talent over look. I am attracted to it when I meet ane amongst talent. Talent is synonym to pheromone for me. CNBlue gives out that exact practiced vibes to me when listening to them.

I bring been listening to Glay since I'm 17 as well as hence when CNBlue came into picture, they made me desire to hear Glay again. Out of nowhere. The similarity betwixt CNBlue as well as Glay is that they gave potent alive magnetic functioning on phase (like every unmarried time) as well as I prefer both of their alive functioning than the studio recorded version.

CNBlue is a fresh from the oven Kpop band inwards Korea as well as simply debuted on 14th Jan but had their before indie stint inwards Nihon approximately June 2009. I can't aid but to compare CNBlue amongst my all fourth dimension favourite JRock band Glay (undeniably genius), inwards talent but non fashion wise. This spider web log is everything most Korean but I had to include Glay at to the lowest degree inwards this post.

In my humble opinion,
Teru  = Yong Hwa (both of them are practiced vocalist as well as gives potent describe to the fan as well as crowd when they speak)

Hisashi (minus the voice) = Jong Hyun (has the look, but Hisashi blows me away when he plucks his guitar)

Jiro = Jung Shin (I promise Jung Shin volition survive every bit practiced every bit Jiro, campaign Jiro could sing Shutter Speed as well as rocks amongst his bass guitar effortlessly)

I can't position Min Hyuk hither because Glay solely bring invitee drummers.No ane inwards CNBlue that I could compare amongst Takuro. Takuro is such a genius inwards composing keen songs.

Glay from left - Jiro, Takuro, Teru as well as Hisashi

CNBlue from left - Jung Shin, Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk

My all fourth dimension favourite Glay song: - Summerdays (although I bring as well as hence many favourites, but had to pick out one)
Summerdays feels similar summertime everytime I brain to it.

My favourite CNBlue's vocal - Now or Never

My wishing is for CNBlue to survive a legend simply similar Glay. CNBlue, hwaiting!!

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