Seoul Travel Destinations; Seoul Women's Cinema Festival : Eight - Fifteen April 2010

The twelfth Women's Film Festival inward Seoul volition boot off its eight-day run on Apr 8 at Artreon Theater inward Sinchon, Seoul, featuring 102 movies from 27 countries nether the subject of "See the World through Women's Eyes." The cinema festival specializes inward women's perspectives together with related issues.

"This year, the festival's focus is friendship together with welcome, both of which are meant to encourage women to concealment the globe too equally others amongst self-confidence," said Lee Hyae-kyoung, festival manager of WFFIS, at a press conference inward Seoul on Tuesday.

Festival opener =  German-French articulation projection "The Day Will Come." Directed yesteryear Susanne Schneider

Other films:

"Vision" yesteryear Margarethe von Trotta, a world-renowned woman someone director.
"White Material" yesteryear Claire Denis
"Plemics," a programme designed to aid cinema-goers sympathize primal women-related issues through movies. "Maternity inward Question," inward answer to the fast-changing Definition of motherhood across the world, including Korea where the depression birthrate together with the purpose of mothers attract peachy populace attention.
"Blessed" yesteryear Ana Kokkinos from Australia
"A Blind River" yesteryear Ahn Sun-kyong from Korea;
"Google Baby" yesteryear Zippi Brand Frank from Israel;
"Later We Care" yesteryear Claire Pijman together with Piet Oomes from the Netherlands;
"The Unloved" yesteryear Samantha Morton from Britain.

It has solely 1 contest section. In the Asian Short Film contest section, nineteen applicants are competing for the award. Foreign contenders inward the department are "December 25" yesteryear Noa Erenberg from Israel; "Diploma" yesteryear Yaelle Kayam from Israel; "Turn Around" yesteryear Prathana Mohan from India; together with "Taana Baana" yesteryear Priyanka Chhabra from India.

WFFIS, which has carved out a niche inward the increasingly crowded cinema festival marketplace inward Korea, is attempting to extend its accomplish yesteryear launching the Network of Asian Women's Film Festivals, linking iv regional festivals inward Korea, Taiwan, Tokyo together with India.

The ticket cost for opening, closing together with nightly movies is laid upward at 12,000 won
Other films are available at 5,000 won.

For farther information together with ticket reservations, view By Yang Sung-jin 

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