Seoul Travel Destinations; Ruby-Red Blossoms At Kyunghee University

Kyunghee University is i of the best destinations to see for viewing red blossoms other than Yeoido Park. I've been to Yeoido Park the twenty-four hours earlier as well as it was so breathtaking. It's at in i lawsuit the fourth dimension to caput for Kyunghee University for comparison. Lee Hyori as well as Rain (Bi) graduated from hither but don't await whatsoever pictures of them inwards my spider web log though..hehe. Check other best saltation goal past times Korea Tourism here.

Kyunghee University has a few beautiful aesthetic buildings as well as I went at that spot twice!! First amongst Miju as well as her mom on Sat as well as for the minute fourth dimension on Mon amongst Ria. Nowon as well as Sangwolgok is so far from Yeoido Park so Kyunghee University is the best option.

After alighting from Hoegi Station, Line 1, Exit 1 nosotros took light-green rider vehicle publish 1 to Kyunghee University's gate for a really curt distance. If you lot convey T-money carte du jour you lot could convey a gratuitous transfer later taking the tube if non so the ride terms is around 600won.

Miju as well as her mom inwards front end of Kyunghee University's gate. Anyone tin function into the academy without restriction except for some places similar library where they quest your Student ID for access.

It makes me wonder why saltation comes correct later winter. There's non fifty-fifty a unmarried leafage on the tree, only flower. So amazing as well as breathtaking. Subhanallah..

The campus bus

We pulled some of the branches as well as took some bloom girls shot.

Kyunghee University is a "good" house to study!! Come here..hehe. 
We are Kyunghee's unofficial ambassadors.

The edifice behind is the library.

You quest to pose similar that statue to hold upwards a 4 apartment (CGPA) 
student but nosotros are manifestly not. ^_^

Another neat edifice but nosotros were confused whether it was a church
or not. There were no cross/crucifix to justify. Miju said that it was
a edifice of peace.

Some middle/high schoolhouse students on their
school trip.


The principal edifice / lecture halls.


Having fun amongst fish-eye mirror.

Another beautiful tree.

So pretty..

In front end of Fine Art Faculty.

We wrapped upwards our Kyunghee tour amongst some cream puff
which reminds me of Man Fai..hehe.

My Second Tour amongst Ria

Ria is from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has stayed inwards Seoul for 
about 1 twelvemonth as well as a one-half as well as volition remain for some other 4 or v years
because her hubby is doing his doctorate inwards KIST (Korea 

Don't hold upwards confused amongst KAIST the famous constitute inwards Korea.
It's a dissimilar one. They remain nigh to Sangwolgok Station, 
Line 6. I accompanied her to sentiment red blossoms due to
her husband's strict schedule inwards the institute.

Inside Hoegi Station



Selca amongst magnolias behind us.

I told Ria that inwards Korea if you lot lay bloom on your head
people intend you lot are crazy..hahaha


Another selca.



Another bloom inwards spring.


Fish oculus mirror amongst Ria.

Magnolia upclose.

We met this niggling immature lady at the subway. She reminds me of
Choi Siwon's immature lady inwards Oh My Lady drama. So cute!!


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