Seoul Travel Destinations; Container Family As Well As Tulip

Bun Sok, Joy as well as me visited a container household virtually Jaesan Village. The possessor was an English linguistic communication instructor graduated from Canada. I had met him when I was inward Joy Farm for the showtime fourth dimension but I couldn't retrieve his confront at all. retentiveness is getting weaker as well as weaker. I wishing I could upgrade only similar a computer. ^_^

Initially, the instructor worked inward Seoul but because he wanted to lead maintain assist his former mother, he moved to the village. Bun Sok told me that for Korean who wanted to movement to village, they volition have a form of compensation. Some what similar farming subsidy.

The instructor was then creative, he built his household from a container. I was then surprised because the household was then pretty!! The woman nurture who was to a greater extent than or less fourscore years former didn't expect former at all. I was then envious of the house, the garden as well as the owner. I wishing I could Pb a sustainable life only similar them.

The container house

The woman nurture burning some woods to warm the house.

The entrance

The kitchen

The woman nurture gave me yanggeng - ruby-red edible bean jelly. Those
who are TOP's fans (Big Bang); he actually loves yanggeng.
You could banking concern jibe on TOP facts here.
It is actually sweet.I couldn't sympathise how he could
consume the yanggeng alongside spicy pepper glue (gochujang)
inward Manwon Haengbok. Ackkk!!

Dried sunflower

Flowers on spring

The woman nurture grew tulips to a greater extent than or less the house.

I wishing that it hasn't bloomed.

Fully bloomed

Later, nosotros visited Bun Sok's educatee as well as ate jjajangmyun
and jjampong there.

Me alongside Bun Sok's student.


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