Seoul Travel Destinations; Five Days Marketplace on Jinbu - Five 일 시장

Mr Lee's (Seoul) missy was smitten past times us. Su Hyon roughshod caput over heel for Andy drive this was her commencement fourth dimension mingling alongside foreigners. Me in addition to Andy were tired of the Jinbu escapade the solar daytime earlier but this niggling angel insisted to larn to Jinbu five days Market for some Jjin Pang. I was reluctant but she's similar an ahjumma in addition to then yous definitely can't resist ahjumma's force. Hehehe..We went to Jinbu past times taxi in addition to inwards the taxi she was complaining not cease over the taxi fare. The anjusshi was sort plenty to give some discount. Initially it was to a greater extent than than 16,000 won but he solely charged 15,000 won later our niggling ahjumma made some noise. The conditions was vivid in addition to sunny. It was a perfect solar daytime to stroll some this amazing market.

This marketplace position is simply similar pasar malam/pasar lambak/pasar tani inwards Malaysia. It was held i time every five days.

At the market's entrance.

Jjin ppang - iii pieces for 1,000 won

Gamja tteok - rice cake alongside white patato filling. Not in addition to then yummy 
because the tteok is in addition to then chewy in addition to unnatural. I dear Mr
Lee's handmade tteok better. 

Su Hyon.

Antiques anyone?

Mini oranges. I forgot the elevate but Andy told me
to consume it alongside the peel intact. has peculiar after
taste. I don't actually similar it.

This size compared to a giant mitt (Andy's ^^)

All sorts of snack. We bought 2 types. One  packet
is 2,000 won.

Chestnut. Our niggling ahjumma - Su Hyon asked for freebies
and fifty-fifty bantered alongside the seller. She was actually funny but 
because of her nosotros were good taken assist of. Komawo Su Hyon aa..^^

 That was bondaegi - pocket-sized larvae. It sounds gross hmm
but all I could nation is it is an acquired taste. If yous similar it
on the commencement bite, yous tin forcefulness out balance assured that yous could chew it 
like snack. I ate it i time in addition to for all. Never over again volition I lay
my hands. 

Unofficial models for bondaegi.

Korean sweetness delicacies.It is similar 'bepang' inwards Malaysia.

Pickled radish soaked inwards soy sauce.

Dried stingrays?

More snacks.

Acorn jelly = dotorimuk

A type of melon.

I don't know the elevate of this seafood but I loved it
when I visited Tongyeong alongside Ollergi.

Puppies for sale.

Andy bought some banchan alongside Su Hyon every bit our

We had some snack - jeon similar 'lempeng' inwards Malaysia.

Andy's favourite - BBQ pig's feet

BBQ pig's feet closed up

I stopped her for a quick shot. She felt similar model
of the day. Hehe..there was a marriage ceremony

The marriage car

We had H2O ice cream within Family Mart.

My H2O ice cream

Waiting for Su Hyon's begetter to alternative us up.

Happy 700 agency Jinbu is 700 metres inwards a higher house body of body of water level.


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