Seoul Travel Destinations; Riding A Populace Motorbus on Seoul

Inside a populace bus

Why produce nosotros take away to ride a motorcoach when the subway is as well as therefore convenient inward Seoul?
  1. Faster - sometimes it's easier as well as faster to accomplish your desired destination because y'all don't receive got to transit/tranfer to only about other draw similar subway
  2. Rollercoaster sense - I receive got to warn y'all that the motorcoach drivers inward Seoul are pretty crazy. Hold on to the rails or seats nearest to you once y'all embark on the bus otherwise you volition suffer. ^^ Those amongst weaker heart, instruct yourself a puke bag.
  3. Save on transfer fare - When paying amongst your T-money card, the fare is 900 won upward to 10 km, as well as includes upward to v gratis transfers using   both local buses as well as subway. An extra 100 won volition live on charged for an additional v km. Transfer must live on made inside thirty minutes (within sixty minutes betwixt 21:00 as well as 07:00).Transfers cannot live on made to a motorcoach of the same number.You cannot transfer subway lines in i lawsuit you’ve exited the gates. I made a error of going out from Chungmuro Station in i lawsuit when I should receive got not. Had to tap the T-money bill of fare i to a greater extent than time. T_T
  4. When the motorcoach destination is nearer to the venue y'all want to visit/your location compared to the subway station

    Blue, Green, Yellow or Red?
    Blue (Main Line) - working inside metropolis limits as well as going from subway station to subway station, go a fiddling farther out than green
    Green (Branch Line) - working inside metropolis limits as well as going from subway station to subway station, receive got the to a greater extent than local routes than blue
    Yellow (circular Line)- run on circular routes inward downtown Seoul for easier access to major shopping as well as trouble concern areas
    Red (Wide Area Line)- less stops as well as run between downtown Seoul as well as the metropolitan area

    What y'all instruct amongst your T-Money card?
    When y'all purchase T-Money card, it is attached amongst a few discount coupons for items at local stores or admissions to tourist spots. If y'all nonetheless receive got ease available inward the card, y'all tin sack either refund it from the self-service refund machine/ticket counter. Otherwise, only purchase whatsoever items from the convenience shops using the remaining balance as well as continue the bill of fare for momento. ^^

    Figuring out the route's hard.

    It is unlikely that the route map list will live on inward English. From what I see, exclusively the major destination similar subway stations receive got the English linguistic communication translation or none at all. Drivers don’t ever destination at the scheduled motorcoach stops as well as therefore y'all take away to live on aware as well as destination them. Some motorcoach stops are inward the middle of the route similar inward Gangnam. Weird eh?

    What I similar close Seoul populace bus?
    • Recorded proclamation for each of the motorcoach stops - fifty-fifty if I don't empathise Korean, If I heed to the announcement, I could estimate when as well as where my side past times side destination volition be. For example, if y'all want to destination at Myeongdong Station, the recorded proclamation volition mention: Myeongdong Yeok. (명동 역). I wishing Malaysian motorcoach receive got the same thing.
    • You could pay for to a greater extent than than i someone using the same T-Money card. - I didn't receive got plenty ease inward my T-Money bill of fare when I wanted to ride a motorcoach to Yongin. So, Chi Won tapped her bill of fare as well as informed the motorcoach driver to accuse it twice. It is as well as therefore convenient!
    • Some major motorcoach stations are equipped amongst arrival fourth dimension of the bus. - When I waited for Hye Won at Bupyeong Station 부평역 inward Incheon I saw the arrival fourth dimension of the incoming buses at an electronic board. I'm non certain whether they role GPS to calculate the fourth dimension divergence but it was fantastic!

    Check my postal service hither on how to relieve amongst T-Money.
    Seoul guide: How to ride a bus , Interactive Map

    Enjoying my roller coaster ride ^__^


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