➹ All Nighttime Shopping Itinerary At Myeongdong!

Well, non actually all-night... but NEARLY ㅋㅋㅋ.

Because I am helplessly obsessive compulsive, I kinda planned to NOT withdraw maintain whatsoever major plans during my opor-garai inward Seoul. I had nearly ii days to my (gloriously amazing) self in addition to I wanted to simply waste matter it away wandering unopen to anywhere hahaha Just that I had to brand certain to properly consummate my extensive shopping list, withdraw maintain a feast on street foods ... in addition to create to a greater extent than shopping to fill upwards my 45kg baggage allowance.

Hence, staying at Myeongdong was simply a perfect decision. All my semi un-planned shopping are nearby therefore I literally tin dismiss see ALL the shops I wanted to. And inward fact I did. At to the lowest degree twice maybe! I started off unopen to luncheon fourth dimension - I had a belatedly nighttime watching a concert the previous twenty-four hr menstruum in addition to I alone crawled dorsum into my hotel room at nearly 3am hahaha Anyway, I did desire to remain inward bed for longer but ofcourse, that would withdraw maintain been a waste matter of shopping hours. So I was off in addition to nearly at nearly 12:30pm... with my empty breadbasket leading the way.

I stopped past times a few article of apparel shops earlier grabbing a quick luncheon at Lotteria. I idea I'd burn downward a LOT of my coin at the WHO.A.U sale but I'm glad I held it in. After finishing my all-time favorite Lotteria shrimp burger, I was dorsum on the streets shopping.

My high-level "non-plan" was to create all my clothe in addition to cosmetics shopping first--> And in addition to therefore when I'm feeling famished, purchase nutrient for an early on dinner --> in addition to therefore caput out to the Myeongdong undercover shopping midpoint to larn my finally kpop materials --> convey dorsum the heavy materials to the hotel --> residuum in addition to recharge --> caput out for shopping purpose 2!

Spent some expert fourth dimension at SPAO in addition to Uniqlo earlier hitting the small-scale side streets. I already came from the H&M store twice inward the previous days therefore I had "research data" on the "sale situation" haha! Anyway, I took to the side streets in addition to had a fill upwards of accessories, outcry upwards cases, in addition to memorabilia. Silk buttons FTW hahah!! I am simply unable to resist they cosmetic shops therefore fifty-fifty if I already bought my "essentials" from skinfood in addition to etude house, I yet had to halt past times all the other shops in addition to pick upwards a mask in addition to boom smoothen hither in addition to there. By the fourth dimension I got to the huge 8seconds store on the major intersection, it was almost 4pm! So I made my religious walk all the trend upwards to the Euljiro 1-ga station in addition to and therefore turned dorsum craving for a shopping break!

Ofcourse, I didn't forget to become downward the Myeongdong Underground shopping to re-visit my kpop stores heheh... One finally laid of calendars, albums in addition to whatnots in addition to and therefore I'm headed out again.

So I idea I volition larn an early on dinner in addition to residuum a spell at my hotel room. Luckily, I institute the tteokbokki stand upwards on my trend back. I was simply happily overwhelmed with choices therefore I had to feast on all these amazing street food!!! I was dorsum inward my room past times 6:30 in addition to having ane of the best meals ever.

Chatted with my family, took a quick rest, freshened upwards in addition to and therefore headed out ane time to a greater extent than at 8pm for purpose ii of my shopping day! This time, I idea I'd withdraw maintain it a lilliputian easy. I wanted to become dorsum to the small-scale shops to await ane time to a greater extent than at their lovely products (ehem Artbox, Naughty Cat, Forever21 alongside others). And I institute to a greater extent than accessories from the novel stores beingness set-up on the streets. I actually simply wandered nearly at this point. I was simply turning unopen to corners when faced with the crowd of shoppers therefore I literally was going unopen to inward crazy circles. I overheard ane salesguy telling some other someone how I proceed coming dorsum ane time to a greater extent than in addition to ane time to a greater extent than heheh ... therefore they noticed huh?

Anyway, the lovely streetlights, the odour of perfectly sweetness strawberries in addition to simply the wintertime chill were all embracing me with therefore much delight. I don't know how but I managed to walk unopen to for some other 2-3 hours ... until the store doors started closing. I didn't actually intend it was possible but I did simply fill upwards my afternoon in addition to nighttime with MYEONGDONG.

Ahhh, what a lovely twenty-four hr menstruum that was. Of cast at 11PM, I started packing my handbag in addition to realized how I bought TOO MUCH! I had to remain upwards until the wee mhours (2-ish?) to figure out a trend to pack everything hahaha. I was bone-tired, nearly bankrupt but actually simply blissful. I wishing to create this sort of shopping ane time to a greater extent than when I come upwards back!
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