Train From To Gimpo Airport

Transiting from to Gimpo Airport is frequently required for those who brand it inwards Korea on international flights together with guide maintain a domestic flights to their adjacent goal such equally Jeju [Things to do] or Busan [Things to do]. Do non worry. There is a develop connecting together with Gimpo Airport. Here is how.

How to Take Train from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 to Gimpo Airport?

[NOTE] Photos together with management below are for Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. Terminal 2 opened on xviii January 2018 volition hold upward fifty-fifty nearer to the Airport Railroad Station.

First of all, later you lot guide maintain cleared the immigration banking concern gibe indicate together with collected your baggages, you lot volition larn into the ARRIVAL HALL of at LEVEL 1. To select grip of a develop to Gimpo Airport, you lot ask to become to the Airport Railroad Station at LEVEL B1.
Arrival Hall at LEVEL 1 of but Airport Railroad Station is at LEVEL B1

If you lot guide maintain a lot of baggages amongst you lot together with you lot are using the airdrome trolley, it is best to utilization the elevate / elevate to become from Level 1 Arrival Hall to Level B1 Airport Railroad Station to select grip of the develop to Gimpo Airport. The lifts / elevate looks similar this. You wont immature lady them.

Lift at LEVEL 1 Arrival Hall of . Take this elevate to become to LEVEL B1 Airport Railroad Station
Sign board at the elevate showing that Airport Railroad station is located at LEVEL B1 of .
Once you lot guide maintain arrived at the LEVEL B1 of , walk towards the Airport Railroad station. If you lot are tired past times now, you lot tin ever utilization the walkalator. Just stand, together with the walkalator volition create the walking for you.

Walkalator at LEVEL B1 of towards Airport Railroad station to guide maintain develop to Gimpo Airport
The walking management is clearly shown on the overhead signboard along the walkway. Do non forget to expect up. If you lot expect downward to the floor, you lot tin besides encounter walking management towards to Airport Railroad Station on the tile. 

Signboard showing the management of Airport Railroad Station at LEVEL B1 of Inchoen Aiport.

Walking management to the Airport Railroad Station on the tile. Follow the management to become to the airdrome develop station.


Before long, you lot volition brand it at the Airport Railroad Station. There are TWO TYPES OF TRAIN HERE:

  1. ALL-STOP-TRAIN: Take this develop to Gimpo Airport
  2. Airport Express (AREX) Train: DO NOT guide maintain this train. It does non halt at Gimpo airport. AREX is a non-stop develop from to Seoul Station inwards downtown Seoul.
Transiting from  to Gimpo Airport is frequently required for those who brand it inwards Train from  to Gimpo Airport
Airport Railroad Map for Train from to Gimpo Airport. (CLICK TO SEE LARGE MAP)
It is IMPORTANT to guide maintain banking concern notation that at that topographic point are 2 develop lines at Airport Railroad Station. One is the "ALL-STOP-TRAIN" service that volition halt at all stations (including Gimpo Airport Station) along its agency to Seoul Station. The other ane is the Airport Express (AREX) Train that goes direct from to Seoul Station inwards downtown Seoul. Gimpo Airport is station lay out seven from for ALL-STOP-Train. On the way, you lot volition overstep through the next develop stations: Unseo, Yeongjong, Cheongna International City, Geoman and Gyeyang earlier arriving at Gimpo Airport. After that, the develop volition proceed to Digital Media City, Hongik University, Gongdeok and finally Seoul Station.
On the other hand, AREX develop does NOT halt at Gimpo Airport. Therefore, you lot should guide maintain the the ALL-STOP-TRAIN to become to Gimpo Airport. You should not guide maintain AREX develop because it volition become direct to Seoul Station inwards downtown without stopping at Gimpo Airport.
Fortunately, authorisation brand it really slowly to differentiate betwixt these 2 develop services at the Airport Railway Station. The All Stop Train to Gimpo is on the left when you lot brand it at the Airport Railway Station together with its signboard has blue background. On the correct mitt side is Airport Express (AREX) station together with its signboard has orange background. The signboards expect similar below.

Blue signboard at entrance to All-Stop-Train Station - Buy the develop ticket to Gimpo Airport here.

Orange signboard at entrance to Airport Express (AREX) Train Station - AIRPORT EXPRESS develop DOES NOT STOP AT GIMPO AIRPORT
Once you lot are at the entrance to All-Stop-Train station, you lot tin BUY YOUR TICKET at the Automatic Ticket Machine or Customer Information Center.

Train ticket fare for All-Stop-Train from to Gimpo Airport

The ane agency ticket for All-Stop-Train from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Airport is 3,750Won for Adult. Infant together with toddlers from 0 to v years quondam together with elderly people inwards a higher house 65 years quondam tin go for free. There are 50% discount for children aged betwixt vi years quondam together with thirteen years old. Furthermore, 20% discount is avaiable for youth aged thirteen to xviii years old.

Types of ticket for All-Stop-Train at to Gimpo Airport

For tourists who simply utilization this develop to transit from to Gimpo Airport, the most suitable type of ticket is the SINGLE JOURNEY CARD which tin hold upward purchased from the automatic ticket machine. Note that at that topographic point is a 500Won deposit for buying this unmarried journeying carte du jour which volition hold upward refunded to you lot upon returning this carte du jour to the automatic ticket machine when you lot make Gimpo Airport. This deposit is an environmental friendly mensurate meant to encourage ane fourth dimension develop passengers to homecoming their carte du jour for reuse.

After you lot guide maintain bought your All-stop-train ticket, you lot tin proceed to the auto-gate to larn into the All-stop-train station. You tin encounter Gimpo Airport equally ane of the goal on the overhead signboard. Proceed to the develop platform to hold off for the arrival of adjacent train. You tin encounter Gimpo Airport on the signboard of the develop platform equally well, equally shown inwards the photograph below.

Go through the automatic ticket gate to larn to the develop platform of All-Stop-Train to Gimpo Airport.
Train platform at for All-Stop-Train to Gimpo Airport. 

How long is the transfer fourth dimension from to Gimpo Airport? 

Well, the travelling time for All-Stop-Train from to Gimpo Airport is nearly 21 minutes. If you lot are transferring from Inchoen Airport to Gimpo Airport, you lot should prepare aside sufficient time, taking into consideration the fourth dimension to clear edge banking concern gibe / immigration, baggage collection, together with check-in fourth dimension at Gimpo Airport etc. However, if you lot alone reckon develop travelling fourth dimension lone (including walking to/from the station), 45 minutes to 1 hour should hold upward enough.

Schedule of All-Stop-Train from to Gimpo Airport

There is a develop departing from to Gimpo Airport every vi to ten minutes. As for the schedule of the train, the all-stop-train service from starts 5.23am early on inwards the morning. The finally develop that departs from to Gimpo Airport at 11:42pm earlier mid-night according to the schedule of the develop service.  

Train Schedule from Gimpo Airport to

For the contrary direction, that is, if you lot are taking develop from Gimpo Airport to , you lot tin besides utilization the same All-stop-train service. The rootage develop departs from Gimpo Airport to at 5.42am early on inwards the morning. According to the schedule of the develop from Gimpo Airport, the finally develop from Gimpo Airport to volition departs close mid-night at 11:59pm.


After a develop ride of nearly 21 minutes from , you lot volition brand it at Gimpo International Station. Get off the train, create non forget your baggages together with leave of absence them behind. From the develop platform at the station, walk towards Gimpo Airport next the signage. You volition become through the escalator equally shown the photos below. Note that inwards South Korea, the etiquette when using the escalator is to stand upward on the correct mitt side to give agency to those who would similar to walk upward the escalator on the left, equally shown inwards the photograph below.
After you lot left the develop station through the autogate, retrieve to give upward your SINGLE JOURNEY CARD to get your refund of KRW500 deposit. There is a automatic ticket machine at the leave of absence for this purpose.

Arriving at Gimpo International Airport Station using the All-Stop-Train. Use the escalator to become upward to Gimpo Airport divergence hall. 
As you lot proceed to walk towards Gimpo Airport, at that topographic point volition hold upward a indicate where you lot guide maintain to determine to plough left or plough right. If you lot are going to guide maintain an international flying at Gimpo Airport, plough correct at the junction when you lot encounter the signboard inwards the photograph below. On the other hand, plough left if you lot are going to guide maintain a domestic flying at Gimpo Airport.
Choose which agency to go: Turn left for domestic terminal, plough correct for international terminal
Since most people who guide maintain the develop from to Gimpo Airport are taking domestic flights to local destinations inwards Republic of Korea such equally Busan together with Jeju Island, nosotros volition exhibit you lot the management to domestic divergence inwards the relaxation of this guide.

After you lot plough left to the management of domestic divergence terminal at Gimpo Airport, you lot volition come upward to the escalator to become upward to the check-in together with divergence marking of Gimpo Airport.

Escalator towards the domestic divergence at Gimpo Airport. 
Finally, you lot guide maintain arrived at the Gimpo Airport domestic terminal! From here, you lot should become to the 2nd Floor for Check-in earlier going to 3rd flooring for domestic flying departure to your adjacent destination.

At Gimpo Airport Domestic Terminal, become to sec Floor for flying check-in together with and hence tertiary flooring for flying departure.

Getting to Gimpo Airport from

That's it. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 uncomplicated guide for you lot to guide maintain develop from to Gimpo Airport. Taking develop for this journeying is slowly together with reliable. The alone of import matter that you lot guide maintain to retrieve is to take the All-Stop-Train, non the Airport Express (AREX) develop from . This is because alone the All-stop develop volition halt at Gimpo Airport. Airport Express (AREX) develop volition become direct to Seoul Station without stopping at Gimpo Airport. For whatever reason, if you lot prefer non to guide maintain the develop from to Gimpo Airport (also known equally Kimpo Airport), you lot tin besides guide maintain the airdrome shuttle bus from Incheon Aiport to Gimpo Airport. Read the guide here.


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