Korean Newspaper Calorie-Free Bulb Making; A Must Essay Action When You Lot Watch Chungcheongbuk-Do

Our tour inwards Chungcheongbuk-do won’t live on consummate without doing to a greater extent than or less activities which are done yesteryear their locals, inwards other words to a greater extent than or less “traditional activities”. It has been a practise of WOW KOREA Supporters to accept or acquit an action based on the identity of the house or to purpose to a greater extent than or less raw materials from any house nosotros visit. This time, nosotros had an chance to brand our really ain calorie-free bulb, a non in addition to hence ordinary calorie-free bulb because this 1 uses newspaper equally its principal material.

Well, nosotros didn’t genuinely brand the entire calorie-free bulb, everything was close prepared for us when nosotros arrived to the place. The solely affair that nosotros create was to twine the stand upward of the lamp. Using a dark newspaper in addition to gum made from Irish Gaelic patato starch, the lady master copy instructed us to twine the stand upward of our light in addition to hence it volition await to a greater extent than presentable in addition to nice. After nosotros finished, they served us amongst an awesome “flower tea”. I’ve tried several types of tea hither inwards Korea but it was my start out fourth dimension to run across a tea amongst blossom on it. It tastes similar an ordinary tea except that it looks to a greater extent than beautiful in addition to Instagrammable.

After our tea experience, nosotros had an chance to witness how they brand papers here. They showed us the procedures in addition to permit to a greater extent than or less of the Supporters create it on their own. It looks tardily but it was genuinely not. I had the run a jeopardy to vesture an quondam mode of Korean traditional wearing clothing called hanbok which was made of paper. According to the lady master, the 1 I wore was used yesteryear the quondam Kings during the ancient time. It looks adept in addition to really light, plainly because of the materials used.

Before nosotros left their place, they gave us a tour on their mini shop where yous tin run across a lot of materials made of papers. They are selling their materials in addition to crafts at a really affordable price. Among the trade that they accept inwards their store, it was the chandeliers that genuinely caught my attending because of its color in addition to the beauty. The chandeliers await pretty inwards every angle peculiarly amongst dissimilar colors. I genuinely beloved the artistry that they position on every materials that they accept inwards this store. There were notepads, notebooks, newspaper shoes in addition to pins which yous tin purchase for souvenirs.

Make certain to driblet yesteryear this house should yous tumble out to catch Chungcheongbuk-do. Their action is adept for families in addition to kids.

Cheongpung Hanji Experience (고려청풍 한지체험관)
Cheongpung-myeon Cultural Property Road, Jecheon City, Chungcheongbuk-do 161

You tin depository fiscal establishment tally their website (Korean linguistic communication only) for details in addition to action prices. Just click on the link below


- Board the motorbus to Jecheon at Dong Seoul Terminal (Departure 8 times a twenty-four hours (06:30-09:00), two lx minutes ride)
- Board the motorbus to Cheongpung (No. 90) at Jecheon Bus Terminal or Jecheon Station (Departure every hour, xl infinitesimal ride)

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