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It's saltation fourth dimension inwards the heart of Auckland's bustling Central Business District! And piece this unusual urban heart has never ending charms to represent its delectable chocolates ㅋㅋ, it tin all the same larn lonely at times. Luckily, at that spot are quite a (huge) position out of Asians inwards this area. I swear if I unopen my eyes as well as merely brain to folks wandering the streets, I tin easily pretend that I'm inwards Seoul instead of somewhere downwards under!

Walking upward as well as close Queen Street upward to Britomart Station inwards the afternoon tin experience similar a walk through Myeongdong... without that irresistible temptation to splurge on cosmetics that is. There are Korean pilus salons, noraebangs, Korean banks, Korean go as well as tours, as well as of course, Korean food!

So today, I got myself about dolsot bibimbap from NOL BU NE restaurant at the corner of Wellesly as well as Lorne Streets. Saw this i from the Cheap Eats list from the Heart of the City page. To arrive at the eating theatre on the 1F, you lot tin larn via the erstwhile elevate or the burn downwards leave of absence stairs. I chose the stairs. The walls were all adorned amongst Korean advertisements alcohol mostly. And thus I arrived at this cozy house

I came inwards on a Saturday, merely later noon but the house wasn't every bit good crowded as well as I was seated quickly. I already knew what I wanted thus I didn't accept long to order. I've read review comments close the staff existence stern as well as rude sometimes but that was non the impression I got. They were polite as well as welcoming as well as were working difficult to attend to all the tables.

How I've missed BIBIMBAP! I suppose my eyes lit upward when my nutrient arrived. The banchan were delightful though mayhap I would stimulate got preferred the white patato jeorim to last a picayune sweeter ^^. Anyway, the star of the meal, my dolsot bibimbap was easily a pretty sight. Ahhh, the warm rice was perfect for the chilly day.

I was merely thus happy to stimulate got a Korean rice meal! It was also real affordable which is ever a adept thing. Taste-wise, the bibimbap was in all probability merely ok. But it was all the same a comforting spread for me.

I finished my repast amongst my favorite sikhye ^^. Yum!

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