➹ Currently Loving: Skinfood Dark Saccharide Strawberry Mask

It's been three months since I came dorsum from mayhap i of the biggest cosmetics haul I've e'er had But I seriously haven't had fourth dimension to produce much of anything close the wonderful materials I got! So much for idolizing those uber detailed beauty blogs ㅋㅋㅋ. Anyway, I may non accept the expertise nor the patience to arts and crafts non bad reviews on Korean beauty products... but I nevertheless would dear to only portion some notes on awesome goodies hither together with there. This is to a greater extent than for those girls who only desire to assemble ideas on how to fill upward their EXTRA handgrip spell going or together with thus the shopping paradise called Seoul!

So the 2nd affair out of my handgrip (after from my Skinfood Parsley together with Standard Mandarin Mild Foam) was this Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Wash Off Mask. I only finished my Black Sugar mask final Dec together with I was lightheaded excited to role the adjacent one. I forthwith took a liking to it on the get-go dark I was out on the streets of Myeongdong. Just the thought of classic dark saccharide (which I actually love) together with strawberries was plenty for me to driblet this into my shopping basket. I totally did non demand whatsoever convincing whatsoever.

I studied the label together with did my search on this production earlier using it (haha, aye ofcourse I did). I was kinda surprised to notice TONS of review close this production already. I actually had no clue. Anyway, everything online sounded enticing together with harmless plenty together with thus I only went ahead together with gave it a try.

::I don't actually know if I tin telephone telephone myself that. But heck yeah, I don't know much close this materials together with I needed a kinda disclaimer of sorts. Anyway ::

The strawberry odor was YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!! It smelled similar strawberry yogurt icecream on your face. The texture was also non equally gritty equally the master copy dark saccharide concoction. I didn't worry together with thus much close the beads beingness likewise abrasive spell I massaged it into my face. Or was that only me beingness hypnotized past times that sugary strawberry scent???

So anyway, I unremarkably don't operate out the mask on for likewise long. But this time, I left it on for almost minutes earlier washing up. Just a tip to brand certain yous launder upward pretty good because the formula does operate out some beads hither together with there. And alas! afterward washing it off, the yummy strawberry perfume lingered. My peel was also softer - an expected dark saccharide effect. At the same time, it was only a lilliputian brighter ^^. I knew I works life my go-to mask for those nights when I only desire to experience a lilliputian flake pampered. Besides, it's kindof cool to live on able to taste the sweetness strawberry feeling whenever I desire right? Takes me correct dorsum to those awesome wintertime nights I was spoilt for selection amongst all the awesome strawberries sold on the streets!

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