Picnic At Hangang Parks Inwards Seoul As Well As Training Tips

When the outpouring comes later long long winter, Seoulites are getting busy to bounce to hither as well as at that spot to taste the sunny breeze as well as the brusk menstruum of blooming season. On the weekend of April, Seoul turns from the mega urban nub of heaven scrapers to the lively picnic house for every Seoulite; friends, lovers as well as family. 
As yous already know, the nigh attractive picnic spots of Seoul are the parks amongst Han-river(Hangang). This broad as well as beautiful waterway divides Seoul into ii unlike area; Gangnam(south of river) as well as Gangbuk(north of river), as well as harmonizes betwixt the urban nub as well as nature. In short, ‘한강공원(Hangang Parks)’ is iconic outpouring picnic venue inward Seoul. 

So, if yous take in Korea inward April, don’t missy the best flavor of getting set on the greenery grass beside the fresh current (and plus, colorful outpouring flowers). And also, don’t missy to convey those picnic materials inward your bag! You tin taste the fourth dimension at Hangang Park similar a existent local ;) 

1. Picnic Mat 
Picnic mat is the nigh essential stuff for Hangang picnic, but yous don’t actually choose to set for it. During the picnic season, peculiarly crimson blossom festival period, at that spot are tens of delivery nutrient vendors walking as well as handing yous fryers to a greater extent than or less the Hangang parks. And if yous club whatsoever of them, yous tin commonly teach a picnic mat for costless with food. However, it’s a picnic as well as picnic is to choose fun fourth dimension with your friends! Prepare large as well as cool picnic mat as well as teach relaxed on it. 

2. Paper Cup 
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What create yous prefer to drinkable piece lying on a Hangang Park with friends? Chimac(fried chicken as well as beer) is ever the best selection for Koreans, but, whatever yous like, having fun with a petty alcohol as well as friends volition brand yous experience to a greater extent than chilled. 

Since pitcher drinks as well as whole foods are non solely capable of many people but also cheap, newspaper cups are needed when yous drinkable or percentage some snacks at Hangang Park. Moreover, newspaper cups tin move also used equally lantern during the night. Turn on the flash low-cal of your smartphone, as well as set the newspaper loving cup upside-down similar a lid. You tin purpose unlike colors of newspaper cups. It volition add together to a greater extent than mood for your picnic at nighttime time. 

3. Blanket 
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If yous desire to remain at Hangang Park for a long time, from twenty-four hours to night, don’t forget to convey a blanket. It’s getting warm inward Seoul, but notwithstanding at that spot is a large jumps of temperature divergence betwixt twenty-four hours as well as night. Especially later sunset, blanket is essential stuff to preclude your trunk from getting cold. You tin purchase little blankets at convenient stores close the parks, as well as tin purpose the blanket equally a pillow during the twenty-four hours fourth dimension yesteryear rolling it. 

4. Bluetooth Speaker 
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Who cannot similar overnice music at the picnic? With other holding above, Bluetooth speaker volition consummate your relaxed fourth dimension at Hangang Park! Of course, yous tin head to the music with your built-in smartphone speaker, but solely little external speakers tin boost your fourth dimension with your friends. Today’s Bluetooth speakers are compact to behave as well as sounds improve at the same time, as well as fifty-fifty add together to a greater extent than decorations on your gathering.

- WOWKOREA Recommended Hangang Parks -
Yeouido Hangang Park
l Location : 330, Yeouido-ro, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul
l How to teach : Get off at Yeouinaru Stn. (Line 5) as well as come upward out Exit 2 or 3.
l Things to create
- Bike Riding(rental available)
- Food Trucks at Bamdokkaebi Night Market(Every Fri-Sat, 18:00-23:00)
- Hangang Cruise
instagram @serendipinkly
 Banpo Hangang Park
l Location : 40, Sinbanporo11-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
l How to teach : Get off at Express Bus Terminal Stn. (Line 3,7,9) as well as come upward out Exit 8-1. Walk Straight 250m as well as plough right. Walk straightaway 600m to Hangang Park.
l Things to create
- Moonlight Rainbow Fountain(Every 20minutes, 12:00, 19:30(Holidays) 20:00, 20:30, 21:00)
- Food trucks at Bamdokkaebi Night Market(Every Fri-Sat, 18:00-23:00)
- Tubester(30mins : 30,000KRW /boat) : http://www.somesevit.com/en/business/gavit/tubester.do

 Ttukseom Hangang Park
l Location 139, Gangbyunbukro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
l How to teach : Get off at Ttukseom Resort Stn. (Line 7) as well as come upward out Exit 2 or 3.
l Things to create
- Swimming Pool(from Jul to Aug)
- Hangang Cruise

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