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Noraebang essentials:
☊ tamborines
☊ cute microphone covers
☊ korean+english+japanese vocal mass
☊ elaborate carte controls!

I'm addicted in addition to grateful to noraebangs for two reasons:
1. Pure BLISS field singing along AMAZING Kpop songs amongst friends ^^
2. And the MOST CHALLENGING Korean spoken communication exercise ever!

When I was merely starting to larn Korean, I felt pretty happy that I was able to read in addition to brand out the Hangul letters from textbooks in addition to online lessons. I idea it was a real fulfilling science at that fourth dimension ㅋㅋㅋ.

However, my joy was brusk lived every bit I shortly learned that I couldn't read good plenty to sing along inwards a noraebang ㅠㅠ. It was frustrating to convey to depend on romanized vocal lyrics which I had to ready inwards advance (arrgh). It's also quite annoying that I wasn't able to choose my favorite songs efficiently since I grapple to read/search through all the Hangul materials. So I persevered on learning non solely the letters but also the words hence that I tin mail away fully bask my noraebang experience. I'm non certain if that was the right motivation but it certain worked for me!

Sadly, in that location aren't a lot of smashing options to acquire for noraebang at my hometown. There was merely this ane identify I used to frequent amongst friends in addition to cousins. I used to keep a listing of songs that I would sing on all my visits. I know their corresponding discover codes since I expect them upwardly online hahaha... Ah, but I haven't actually been dorsum at this identify for a field now. I also stopped maintaining my listing hehe.

Once inwards Koreatown, San Francisco, I merely had to travel into this small-scale noraebang identify because they had Yoriwang (Cooking Cooking) available! That was merely a few weeks after Super Junior Happy debuted hence I was merely beyond excited *o*. I offered to pay for the entire session since I was amongst non-kpop friends in addition to also merely because I was merely TOO elated ㅋㅋㅋ.

And hence of class I had to endeavour out Everysing inwards Seoul! We went to the laid out location inwards Gangnam in addition to spent a breathless two hours belting out (mostly) SM songs. I beloved the themed rooms inwards Everysing in addition to personally, I could convey spent two to a greater extent than hours past times myself hehehe. But the matter amongst these Seoul trips is that non all my friends are THAT into Kpop hence in that location has got to hold upwardly to a greater extent than or less compromises.

I should actually take in to a greater extent than noraebang places inwards Seoul ... That's something that may forever hold upwardly inwards my to-do list!

Nowadays, I acquire my noraebang create from my smartphone ㅋㅋㅋ. I peculiarly bask using the Ziller Survival app:

I tin mail away practise my Kpop songs anytime in addition to head to my recorded functioning afterwards. It's most every bit expert every bit the existent matter except of class it has none of the noraebang essentials I listed above. I also fille singing amongst smashing friends ㅠㅠ But I approximate this app volition convey to produce for straightaway that most of my friends are away or busy At to the lowest degree I tin mail away practise my favorite Korean rap lines without beingness besides embarrassed! I volition convey no to a greater extent than excuses when nosotros travel out to an actual noraebang afterward on aigooo...
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