Bus From To High Ane Resort, Jeongseon-Gun, Gangwon-Do

With the arrival of November, ski in addition to snowboarding flavor is going to get-go really before long inwards Korea. As the highest ski in addition to snowboarding resort inwards Korea, High 1 offers the purest in addition to thickest natural snowfall on its slopes for the best skiing in addition to snowboarding sense for beginners in addition to goodness alike. Here is exclusively 1 problem, High 1 Resort is located inwards Sabuk-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, which is 4 hours of drive from .

Bus from Terminal 1 in addition to Terminal ii to High1 Resort inwards Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

Fortunately, in that place is a motorcoach that you lot tin own got to become from to High1 Resort in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do.
  • Taebaek Bus - Take the Taebaek Bus at to Shigohan Terminal (Gohan Station) close High1 Resort. Then own got the High1 Free Shuttle motorcoach from Gohan Station to High1 Resort. (Bus Ticket Fare: KRW36,900 = approx. USD$32).

Bus Schedule for Taebaek Bus from to SinGohan Terminal in addition to and thence High1 Resort

There are iv Taebaek buses from departing from Incheon International Airport everyday from 1st Floor Arrival Terminal 1, at Bus Stop 9C in addition to likewise the novel Terminal 2. The deviation fourth dimension of Taebaek Bus at is equally below:
Bus Depature: 9:30am (arriving at SinGohan Terminal at well-nigh 2:00pm)
Bus Depature: 1:30pm (arriving at SinGohan Terminal at well-nigh 6:00pm)
Bus Depature: 3:30pm (arriving at SinGohan Terminal at well-nigh 8:00pm)
Bus Depature: 7:30pm (arriving at SinGohan Terminal at well-nigh 1:00am)
Note that the motorcoach trip from volition own got well-nigh 4 to 4.5 hours. The 1 agency motorcoach ticket fare is 36,900won in addition to tin endure bought at the motorcoach ticket counter inwards the arrival hall.  On its agency to SinGohan Terminal (Gohan Station),
Taebaek Bus volition terminate at Gimpo Airport, Jecheon, Youngwol. After Gohan Station, this motorcoach volition become to its end finish which is Taebaek.
Upon arriving at SinGohan Terminal (Gohan Station), you lot only require to own got the free shuttle bus to High1 Resort. The complimentary shuttle motorcoach (Northbound) volition terminate at diverse business office of High1 Resort including Valley Condo, Hill Condo, Hotel Casino Convention, Eondeok Parking Lot, Mountain Condo F in addition to Mountain Ski House, The complimentary shuttle motorcoach (Southbound) from Gohan Station volition terminate at High1 Casino Convention Entrance in addition to High1 Hotel.
If you lot are staying at High1 Hotel, only own got the Southbound complimentary shuttle motorcoach from Gohan Station to the hotel. The journeying is exclusively well-nigh x minutes. Don't worry well-nigh having to aspect for the motorcoach because in that place volition endure 1 complimentary shuttle motorcoach departing from Gohan Station every ii minutes to v minutes. This complimentary shuttle motorcoach betwixt Gohan Station in addition to the hotel operates from 6am inwards the morn to 1am later on midnight.

How to Take Bus from to High1 Resort?

In summary, only own got the Taebaek Bus at to Gohan Station (Singohan Terminal). The motorcoach trip volition toll 39,600Won in addition to own got well-nigh 4 hours. Upon arrival at Gohan Station, you lot tin own got the free shuttle bus operated past times High1 Resort to become to High1 Hotel or other finish inwards the resort, including Mountain Ski House in addition to the Casino. Even though the full trip fourth dimension could own got upwardly to 4.5 hours, it is worth it when you lot brand it at the beautiful High1 Resort from . The skiing in addition to snowboarding sense hither is regarded equally past times many Koreans equally the best inwards the country. While other resorts nearer to Seoul which are lower inwards height rely on man-made snow, High1 Resort taste thick natural snowfall on the slopes, which reduces the run a peril of injury. Furthermore, you lot tin likewise own got the same Taebaek Bus from Gohan Station to later on enjoying your skiing in addition to snowboarding vacation inwards High1 Resort. If you lot desire to supply to Seoul instead of later on your remain at High1 Resort, in that place are likewise buses going from High1 Resort inwards Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do to Seoul instead of .

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