Limousine Double-Decker 6030 From To Itaewon

Itaewon is 1 of the favourite destination inwards Seoul for tourists in addition to foreigners because of its civilisation diversity, shopping, amusement in addition to nighttime life. The best matter close making Itaewon your base of operations for your take in to Seoul is that you lot tin larn to Itaewon direct via Limousine Bus 6030 from . From here, you lot tin explore the residue of Seoul through Itaewon Subway Station which is located on LINE six of Seoul Metropolitan Subway. Itaewon Station is too on the road of Seoul City Tour Bus Downtown Tour.

How to take Limousine Bus 6030 from to Itaewon?

Upon arriving at Incheon International Airport, you lot tin drib dead on to the bus ticket booth side past times side to Gates four in addition to 9 within the arrival hall at source floor. There are too coach ticket booth located exterior the rider end side past times side to Gates 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, xiii in addition to 9C. Buy your coach ticket at whatever ticket booth for Bus 6030 to Itaewon. The cost of the coach ticket is KRW15,000 per person (discount available for children). For Terminal 1 (T1), afterward you lot receive got bought the ticket, drib dead on to Bus Stop 6B or Bus Stop 13A to await for the arrival of Limousine Bus 6030. For the new Terminal two (T2), you lot tin accept the coach at 1 basement flooring Number 32
Do non worry if you lot receive got a lot of baggages because at that topographic point are designated infinite on the coach in addition to under-compartment to store them. Just retrieve to collect them when you lot larn inwards at your destination. The next arrival coach stop volition live on announced inwards English, Korean, Japanese in addition to Chinese (Mandarin).

Where to alight when arriving at Itaewon from

If you lot are taking limousine coach 6030 from to Itaewon Station, you lot tin alight at Hamilton Hotel Bus Stop at the psyche street of Itaewon. This coach goal is side past times side to EXIT four of Itaewon Subway Station on LINE four of Seoul Metropolitan Subway.
Alight coach 6030 at Hamilton Hotel coach goal which is located at Itaewon Station (Subway Station). 
1st Avenue in addition to Hamilton Shopping Center in addition to Hamilton Hotel inwards Itaewon contrary the coach goal of coach 6030 from
The Hamilton Hotel coach goal is located correct at the psyche shopping in addition to sightseeing street of Itaewon. EXIT four of Itaewon subway scheme station is located a few steps from this coach goal at the cross junction. The 1st Avenue in addition to historic Hamilton Hotel in addition to Hamilton Shopping Center inwards Itaewon is simply across the street from this coach stop. There are too pubs, comestic shops in addition to restaurants along this street.

Apart from Hamilton Hotel station inwards Itaewon, coach 6030 from too stops at many places inwards Seoul along the way. The coach road for coach 6030 from is every bit below:

-> National Assembly -> Kensington Hotel -> Conrad Seoul IFC Hotel -> Yeouido Stock Exchange -> Sibeom Apartment -> Wonhyo-ro 3-ga (Yongmun Market) -> Yongsan Electronics Market -> Yongsan Station -> Yongsan Tax Office -> Ichon Station-> Hangang Middle School -> Capital Hotel -> Crown Hotel -> Hamilton Hotel (Itaewon Station) -> IP Boutique Hotel -> Hangangjin Station -> Hannam-dong -> Bogwang dong -> Dongbinggo Dong

Limousine Bus Schedule from to Itaewon

Limousine coach 6030 from volition accept close 1 hr twenty minutes to achieve Itaewon. There is a coach departing from to Itaewon every 25 to thirty minutes throughout the day. According to the coach schedule from to Itaewon, the source coach to Itaewon departs from at 6.30am early on inwards the morning time in addition to the concluding coach departs from at 11.00pm before midnight.

Limousine Bus Schedule from Itaewon to

If you lot programme to accept Limousine Bus 6030 from Itaewon to , you lot tin select grip of the coach at the same coach goal every bit your arrival coach goal at Itaewon. If you lot are taking early on flying at , you lot tin accept the source coach at Hamilton Hotel coach goal at Itaewon at 4.32am early on morning. Be certain to live on at that topographic point at to the lowest degree x minutes before to avoid missing the coach because the coach is commonly quite punctual in addition to larn inwards according to the coach schedule. If you lot are taking belatedly nighttime flying at , the concluding coach for coach 6030 from Itaewon to is departing from Hamilton Hotel coach goal at 10.22pm. The frequency of the coach is too close every 25 to thirty minutes throughout the day. 

How to larn from to Itaewon?

In short, taking limousine 6030 is the easiest agency to larn from to Itaewon. The fare is affordable (15,000Won). Unlike taking airdrome railway, at that topographic point is no take away to transfer from AREX develop to subway scheme at Seoul Station. For those reasons, many tourists who receive got a lot of baggages in addition to go amongst immature children in addition to elderly prefer to accept limousine coach 6030 from to Itaewon.


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