Explore The Hidden Wonders Of Gosu Cave

Gosu cave was 1 of the destinations during our 4th trip amongst WOW KOREA. I never had whatever expectations from this cave since I didn’t produce whatever enquiry earlier coming here. I approximate sometimes it pays non to banking corporation tally information or doing some enquiry virtually the house earlier coming together with therefore y'all won’t endure disappointed. One affair I’m certain was it would endure a long walk inside, based on my experiences amongst other caves hither inwards Korea.

Before going within the cave, nosotros had to piece of job yesteryear past the museum outset to acquire some information virtually Gosu Cave. Upon entering the museum, a lady handed us mitt gloves which nosotros should endure wearing within the museum. This is 1 of the things I similar virtually Korea, they lay priority on the security of their visitors or guest. Going dorsum to the mini museum, I learned that this museum was updated around July of 2016 to wherein they include microscopes, formations amongst descriptions, together with some cave animals. There were besides some fossil displays together with when y'all become to the 2nd floor, in that place is an interactive kids reckoner fine art concealment which kids together with pump tin besides enjoy.

Not that I’m trying to discourage y'all but this cave is non expert for those who are claustrophobic. Why? Because some parts of the cave has real narrow areas. Some walkways were extremely narrow, together with therefore your patience is definitely required when y'all gain these areas. There was fifty-fifty a purpose inwards the cave wherein nosotros had to climb a 5 story spiral staircase, something which powerfulness endure scary for claustrophobic people. There were areas wherein y'all receive got to duck downward together with lookout your caput together with therefore paying attending is a must when y'all become within this cave. But wait, there’s to a greater extent than virtually this Gosu Cave.

The opening of the cave is real enticing, together with therefore there’s no turning dorsum from entering this cave. The opening somehow reveals the magnificent beauty which is hidden inside. The steel walkway which serves every bit direct for visitors inwards this cave was impressive. This cave bears thousands of stalactites together with stalagmites lit upwards amongst a dim gilt light. The cave has many formations, together with 1 real noticeable was a spiral staircase that followed several formations down. I had to halt from fourth dimension to fourth dimension to receive got photos of those formations using the photographic tv set camera of my phone. The thought within Gosu Cave was deceivingly beautiful, stunning together with spectacular! Again, it was expert that I never expected anything from this cave because I constitute myself enjoying every instant inside. Me together with my friends had a expert fourth dimension within this cave. This is indeed a must house to catch when y'all become to Danyang!

Gosu Cave (고수동굴)
8, Gosudonggul-gil, Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 단양군 단양읍 고수동굴길 8

How to acquire there:

***Express/Intercity Bus***
Take a rider vehicle from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Danyang.


From Danyang Bus Terminal, receive got Bus No. 170 to Gosu Cave. 

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