Cheongju International Drome (청주 국제공항)

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heongju International Airport (CJJ) is located inward the key percentage of the inner territory 165km away from Gimpo International Airport, 175km away from Incheon International Airport, too 170km away from Gunsan Airport. It's place possesses the purpose of an international airport. It’s place along the Seoul-Busan too Honam Railroad too Bus Lines likewise equally the primary spear makes it extremely slow to access. Cheongju International Airport was built on March 1992 too was completed on Dec 1996. Four months later, it started its performance catering generally to its domestic guests or passengers. During the mid 80's, Cheongju was selected equally a possible site for Korea's primary international drome earlier Incheon became the preferred location.

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Photo credit: Rufus Azarya

As of Oct 2011, Cheongju International Airport offers solely a unmarried domestic describe of piece of employment betwixt Cheongju too Jeju. Several international lines wing to Beijing, Bangkok, Yanji, Hangzhou, ChangSha, Dalian too Seim Reap. Excluding regular flights to Beijing, Bangkok too Hangzhou, airline service to international destinations runs on an irregular basis. There used to last flights to Busan too Saipan, but they were stopped due to depression ridership.
Photo credit: Rufus Azarya

Photo credit: Rufus Azarya

Cheongju International Airport
980, Ochang-daero, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 청주시 청원구 내수읍 오창대로 980

How to conk there:

By Car:
From Ochang IC on Local Road No. 540 plough correct towards the Cheongju International Airport administration to larn inward the airport(Takes merely about five ten minutes from the Ochang IC)

By Express Bus:

By Non-Stop Bus:
Daejeon Terminal, Chungju, Cheonan, North Cheongju, Seoul Nambu Terminal, Seoul(Gangnam) Terminal, Seoul Coex Terminal



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