The Local Nutrient Of Chungcheongbuk-Do

Every fourth dimension nosotros bring a trip amongst WOW KOREA, nosotros ever brand certain to endeavor the best local nutrient that every identify or part tin offer, or likely something that represents that region. Alright, I’m merely kidding. I won’t tell that it’s ever the “best” but at to the lowest degree nosotros take in those restaurants or at to the lowest degree endeavor the “must consume food” of every identify or region. Our managers definitely produce their undertaking good every bit they produce their inquiry earlier rolling the itinerary to us. Sometimes, depending on our schedule in addition to fourth dimension availability, nosotros also visits java shops peculiarly if those cafés are considered every bit the “must become café” inwards those areas.

Let me part you lot what nosotros had for our tiffin in addition to dinner on our iii days in addition to 2 nights rest inwards this region. I mightiness bring forgotten the names of each nutrient that nosotros had, but I’ll merely depict the meals that nosotros had thus you lot won’t last confused.

On our kickoff nighttime inwards Danyang, nosotros had a overnice repast from a skillful eating seat called 온누. The nutrient that nosotros had was called Ttukbaegi Bulgogi (Earthenware Bowl Bulgogi). It was made of beef topped amongst veggies, dissimilar kinds of mushrooms in addition to tofu. The meat was sliced thinly making it slowly to ready in addition to the soup was actually flavorful. Of class the side dishes served together amongst the principal class goes good amongst it. It was indeed an amazing dinner!

On our instant twenty-four hours inwards Danyang, nosotros visited a marketplace called Gugyeong Traditional Market. Here nosotros visited a eating seat where the casts of a famous Korea plan called 2Days 1Night had their meal. I guess it became famous later on Korean purpose musician Park Bo-gum ate here. Here, I personally had my ain alternative of nutrient called “Mushroom-Bulgogi Jeongol” (Korean Hot Pot). It’s pretty much the same every bit our previous dinner except that this 1 is to a greater extent than flavorful in addition to has to a greater extent than beef in addition to lesser mushrooms. It smells thus skillful also because of the herbs in addition to spices used inwards this food. I must tell that this is 1 of the “must endeavor food” when you lot take in Danyang.

Our instant dinner inwards Danyang was something really familiar to me because it was a nutrient which nosotros ordinarily consume during “kimjang” or a fourth dimension where nosotros brand a lot of kimchi at home. It was called “bossam”. It’s a steamed pork which you lot demand to dip inwards a sauce. Normally it goes good amongst modest salted shrimps sauce, or ssamjang sauce. You tin direct to wind the meat amongst lettuce or merely consume it amongst rice. After all, what’s skillful almost this nutrient is the tenderness in addition to the juiciness of the meat. It was a skillful dinner. I won’t tell this is 1 of the best because I tin bring the same nutrient inwards Seoul or fifty-fifty brand my ain at dwelling since it’s really slowly to prepare. This nutrient also goes good amongst “doenjang-jjigae” a soybean glue stew.

But I intend amid all the nutrient that nosotros had inwards Chungcheongbuk-do, what I similar in addition to beloved the most was the nutrient nosotros had for tiffin inwards Jecheon. The nutrient is called “tteokgalbi” (grilled curt rib meat patties). It’s similar the patties within your burgers except that it was grilled in addition to was served amongst a lot of onions, sesame seeds in addition to approximately mushroom on the side. The patties were cooked good in addition to were really savory.  Every seize amongst teeth of it was scrumptious! It was also delicious that I finished it fifty-fifty earlier my colleagues finished their share. I personally advise this eating seat when you lot take in Jecheon.

Cheongpung Hwang-geum Garden (청풍 황금가든)
1682, Cheongpungho-ro, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

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