➹ Yummy Finds At The Korean Grocery Work 4!

Found roughly actually cute Pororo snacks for my niece together with nephew! The tasty biscuits came inwards the form of Pororo characters then they were a existent process for the kids.

I got myself roughly Hotteok cookies every bit well! The walnut together with peanut season intrigued me then I couldn't resist grabbing a box. They were soft together with chewy cookies which surprisingly non also sweet.

They can't compare to existent Hotteok ofcourse ㅋㅋㅋ. These were actually chewy together with it gave my jaws a trivial workout! But I nevertheless honey the texture addition the hint of cinnamon is merely perfect.

I sort of similar the Bungeoppang snacks amend though. Maybe I am a sweetness edible bean sort of person. I fifty-fifty honey the H2O ice cream version a lot!

I received roughly Korean snacks from my friend inwards Seoul every bit well.

I had 연양갱 earlier but it was my commencement fourth dimension trying out the Ddeokbokki together with the 쫄병 snacks then I was actually excited. The Ddeokbokki snack was spicy but actually delicious! ^^ I wanted to consume existent Ddeokbokki for days after I had the packaged snack version. But my favorite alongside the three was the crispy noodle barbecue flavored쫄병! Snacking on these was such a guilty pleasance for me. Luckily, I flora these same items on the local grocery then I managed to larn them i time again afterwards.

I merely proceed finding to a greater extent than yummy materials right? ㅋㅋㅋ I actually immature adult woman Seoul every bit it volition last most a twelvemonth since my final vacation. Doing roughly random Korean grocery shopping eases my longing somehow
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