Seoul Travel Destinations; Busan Tube Fare Calculation From Naver

You could role Naver to calculate Busan Subway Fare which is pretty similar to Seoul subway scheme fare calculation that I did before.

The differences are:

  1. Busan exclusively receive got iii subway scheme lines
  2. Fare is to a greater extent than expensive than Seoul 
  3. The journeying is real fourth dimension consuming betwixt each locations. 
  4. Use Hanabi or Mybi cards instead. Note: You tin role T-money Seoul inwards Busan but you lot must reload it inwards Seoul. 

Check out Mybi website here

I approximate because many Japanese tourists see Republic of Korea through Busan, thus the fare is to a greater extent than expensive. Maybe? Hehe..

You could accept a ferry to become to Shimonoseki, Japan from Busan Port. Malaysians, brand certain you lot apply for Japan Visa inwards Malaysia earlier you lot desire to embark to Nippon via Busan Port. You can't apply Nippon Visa inwards South Korea.

Fare is based on each moveable department (for regular ticket)
1 department - 1,100 won (To 10km)
two sections - 1,300 won (Over 10km)

If past times card, you lot volition larn 10% discount for adult (19 years together with above) together with 30% discount for teenager (from thirteen years former to below xix years old).

Where to purchase Hanaro Card
You could purchase at whatever Subway ticket offices or Pusan Bank (
The card has a deposit of 5,000 won. Some amongst flashy designs similar Hello Kitty toll nearly 6,000 won. (Price may change). Source: Busan Transportation
If you lot desire to role the card, recharge or reload the card.

I didn't purchase Hanaro card when I was inwards Busan, inwards the promise of saving my budget but it was a clumsy mistake. I should receive got bought it. Why? Because I visited Busan iii times inwards iii months! I dearest the beaches inwards Busan. Busan's shipping is to a greater extent than expensive than Seoul! Aigoo..heheh.

Fare Calculation: Nopodong Station to Jagalchi Station
Click here to calculate.

Nopodong Bus Terminal

If you lot role motorbus to see Busan, you lot volition most probable larn inwards at Nopodong Bus Terminal. The illustration shown hither is based on the supposition that your lodging is merely about Jagalchi area.

From: Nopodong Station
To: Jagalchi Station
Journey time: 45 minutes.
Distance: 23.3km
Line: 1
Subway stop: 24 stations
Fare: 1,170 won past times card, 1,300 won past times cash

Fare Calculation: Busan Station to Jagalchi Station

If you lot role prepare or KTX from Seoul to Busan, you lot volition larn inwards at Busan Station which is exclusively iii stops away from Jagalchi Station.

From: Busan Station
To: Jagalchi Station
Journey time: vi minutes.
Distance: 2.8km
Line: 1
Subway stop: iii stations
Fare: 990 won past times card, 1,100 won past times cash

Tip: Notice that you lot should intend twice earlier taking the motorbus from Seoul to Busan if you lot rest merely about Jagalchi area.


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