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For serious learners of Korean linguistic communication or non in addition to thence serious one..hehe, yous could ever cause got payoff of robust Korean-English Naver dictionary. Previously, I used Google interpret to uncovering the meanings of Korean words that I don't understand, but sometimes it returned evidently wrong or ridiculous result. Hence, I tried Naver lexicon equally advised past times Min Young. 

Type the url :
Click 사전 agency dictionary

There are a few practiced sides of Naver lexicon that I like. Just for illustration it offers a few type of lexicon searches:
백과사전 - Encyclopedia
한자사전 - Chinese grapheme dictionary
중국어사전 -Korean - Chinese dictionary
의약학사전 - Medicine dictionary
영어사전 - Korean - English
국어사전 - Korean
일본어사전 - Japanese - Korea
용어사전 - Glossary

So, which 1 should yous purpose for Korean-English search?
Use this one. For illustration if yous desire to search the pregnant of  안녕하세요

전체  - All
단어/숙어 - Words/Idioms 
본문 - Text
예문 - Example
유의어 - Synonym
검색 - Search/Retrieve

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