Seoul Travel Destinations; Kbs Tour

After watching the cherry blossoms at Yeoido Park nosotros checked out KBS edifice at the terminate of the road. MBC is roughly the corner also but I opted for KBS because of 1 Night two Days demonstrate ^^.

There was an exhibition for 3D goggle box together with then Miju and 
me took this direct chances to banking concern tally what's inward for us.

We met a few Malaysian students from Hanyang University.
This was my 2d fourth dimension seeing Malaysian inward Korea. The
first 1 beingness inward Busan Mosque.

Miju tried to live on a newscaster. She simply postulate to follow
the script correct inward front end of her.

Vandalism is everywhere fifty-fifty on KBS Building's pillars.
This 1 was correct exterior KBS radio broadcasting rooms.

Radio broadcasting for Happy FM 106.1

The 1Night two Days sacred staircases hehehe..where 
Kang Ho Dong together with his teams assembled sometimes
before they decided where to larn for their weekend


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