Seoul Travel Destinations; Ruby Blossoms Yeoido @ Hangang Park

I went to Seoul on the weekend too stayed alongside a CS friend; Miju. She too her woman raise were real overnice too nosotros went to thought reddish blossoms together.

The omnibus from Jangpyeong to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Fare : 10,900 won.
Duration: approximately ii hours.

Nandida's vecino who oft cooks pajeon for our tea break.

My CouchSurfer's host - Miju. We took underground business ii from Gangbyeon Station
until Dangsan Station. It took us roughly 1 hour.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 3D Pond at Dangsan Station.

Hehe...a cashier at Family Mart posing for us afterwards nosotros bought
kimbap too drinks to go. Miju idea I was crazy for bespeak him.

yeap..another 100 meter!! We stopped past times at a cycle store to
rent i but because my knee's status was bad these days so
nosotros had to walk instead. Mian he Miju ya..

Kenari - some other jump flower.

The conditions was cloudy but cool. 
I loved it!!

Miju alongside Nakji Samgak Kimbap. Please survive careful
that some samgak (triangle) kimbap similar tuna has
traces of pork inside.

Miju has checked for me that Nakji (octopus) has none.
It was pretty spicy simply the means I similar it.
Go to Maangchi recipe if yous desire to teach inwards yourself.

Miju actually loves flowers but I prefer tumble than
spring. I dearest warm colours too final year's tumble in
Namiseom was superb!

The crowd at Yeoido.

Breathtaking..I wishing I'm inwards Ueno Park, Tokyo now. 
I convey too thence many wishes to fulfill.

With the ii primary stars of Cinderella sister's cutting board.

These kids are too thence cute. I was glad that nosotros went on Friday.
The crowd was non too thence crazy too the conditions was fine.


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