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I visited the Joy Farm over again for the 3rd time. We sow the pepper constitute at a novel plot. This fourth dimension they aimed at double the amount of terminal yr which was 2,000 plants. I am glad that I could assistance them fifty-fifty though my dorsum was killing me.

I stayed in that place alone five days this fourth dimension because I had to provide to Santisuk to celebrate Ratana's 100 twenty-four lx minutes menses party.
They had some other friend helping them when I was in that place but I totally forgot his name. Korean cite is pretty difficult to remember..haha or perhaps I'm getting older?

Joy sent me together with the ahjusshi to catch a nearby temple called Chongyang-sa Temple. It was virtually 1 lx minutes drive from Bonghwa. The sentiment was amazing together with atmospheric condition was cool. Nothing over the top, merely nice. However, every bit expected this temple was situated on transcend of a hill; a pretty steep route ahead of us. Aigoo..I loathe hiking but the ahjusshi actually dearest hiking then I had to endure for a while. He laughed at me all the agency upwards to the temple.

 Chongyang-sa information. back!!
Water from the earth, practiced for health
and total alongside minerals.

It was drizzling when nosotros arrived, then the heaven was still

Could you lot come across that steep staircase? Good for that ahjusshi
but non for me T_T

This ahjushhi has been to many Asian countries 
when he was younger. I dearest hearing his stories 
eventhough he couldn't utter whatsoever English. Arghh..
I actually desire to endure fluent inwards Korean faster!!

The temple sentiment from above.

Hmm..I don't know whether a bell is a must or non at 
a temple inwards Korea. Why in that place were a lot of bells all some Korea
A Korean friend told me that during thekingdom period, 
the bell was used for the commoners. The King wanted the 
commoners to asking assistance straight from King past times hitting the bell. 


I  was hither some 15th May together with the Buddha's 
Birthday celebration was coming on May 21st; 
hence the lantern. The engagement changes every year
based on lunar calendar.

A pocket-size Buddha statue


Flowers some the temple

We idea of visiting a korean painter hither but the
house was locked together with nosotros merely wandered around
the house.

The gate keeper. Spooky..

A locked residual room


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