Seoul Travel Destinations; Deoksu Palace @ Deoksugung

Today, I rambled through tonnes of Korea's pictures together with couldn't believe myself that I forgot to position out the postal service for Deoksugung palace of concluding year's trip!! The fact that I'm getting former actually striking me on this time..aigoo..hehe.

I visited Deoksugung palace during Chuseok vacation piece I stayed alongside Chi Won (Couchsurfing) around Oct 2009.  However, she had to run on that hateful solar daytime although it was withal Chuseok holiday. I toured Seoul past times myself together with decided to catch Deoksugung palace. Chi Won's woman nurture woke upward early on together with packed fruits for my snack. I was together with therefore touched past times her gestures. She is but similar my ain mother! That's why I don't experience homesick inwards Korea. These warm people..aishh..Suddenly, it brought tears to my eyes when I recollect them.

I went to Deoksugung palace, Namdaemun, Myeongdong, Yeoido Park together with Ewha University on the same hateful solar daytime but my camera's battery went apartment correct after Deoksugung palace. H5N1 fleck of regret though because I couldn't capture Ewha University (E-dae)'s pictures.

There's a argue why I wanted to catch Deoksugung Palace.

I am a fleck shy to tell it..but what the heck. My confession...tada!

Saranghae..heheh. Because of this guy, Lee Jun Ki. 

Lee Jun Ki starred inwards a Japan-Korea collaboration movie; Virgin Snow. There was in i trial inwards the painting present towards  the ending part, Lee Jun Ki together with the heroin Aoi Miyazaki promised to encounter at Deoksugung palace. Why they met there? I won't tell...just to go on the suspense more. Watch the movie! ^^

Deoksugung, also known as Gyeongun-gungDeoksugung Palace, or Deoksu Palace, is a walled chemical compound of Seoul Travel Destinations; Deoksu Palace @ Deoksugung">palaces in Seoul Travel Destinations; Deoksu Palace @ Deoksugung">Seoul that was inhabited past times various Korea" style="background-attachment: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-image: none; background-origin: initial; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial; color: #0645ad; text-decoration: none;" title="Seoul Travel Destinations; Deoksu Palace @ Deoksugung">Korean Seoul Travel Destinations; Deoksu Palace @ Deoksugung">royalties until the Korea_under_Japanese_rule" style="background-attachment: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-image: none; background-origin: initial; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial; color: #0645ad; text-decoration: none;" title="Seoul Travel Destinations; Deoksu Palace @ Deoksugung">Japanese describe of piece of job of Korea around the plough of the 20th century. Source : Wikipedia

Deoksugung palace is non together with therefore big compared to its counterparts similar Gyeongbukgung or Changdeokgung palace but it's to a greater extent than similar a relaxation identify for me. I finished Tuesdays With Morrie mass in that location piece having my  fruits together with enjoying the goodness conditions alongside but about pigeons around me. 

I took a twoscore minutes omnibus from Yongin together with arrived at City Hall
around 10 inwards the morning. The metropolis was together with therefore silent!

Many people paid respects to parents together with distant identify unit of measurement past times going
back to their hometown. I felt similar inwards Malaysia where Kuala Lumpur's 
road would live on empty during major populace holidays.

I walked along the major route together with institute HSBC there. Before coming,
I was worried that HSBC would non live on hither inwards Seoul! ^^

Lotte Department Store close Euljiro subway station.
FYI, Euljiro station is real close to Myeongdong and 
Namdaemun. If you lot remain inwards Euljiro, both places are walking

Located inwards front end of Euljiro Station but I didn't dare to try. I imagine
what if the door opened upward piece I'm doing my BIG business? Hahaha..I 
have a wild imagination.

Many kids volition come upward hither during summertime because of this fountain. 
Could you lot read that? 서울 = Seoul. There's a phase in that location where
many performances are held for the public.

Seoul! Peace together with me..hehe.

Deoksugung palace front end gate.

Ticket counter. 1,000 won for adult. The palace is shut on Mondays.

The memorable path inwards Lee Jun Ki's Virgin Snow.

Kim Hyun Joong together with Lee Min Ho for Samsung's mobile.

There was but about restoration going on together with therefore I couldn't consider but about parts
of the palace similar this i here. 
There's a costless guide service for the visitors likewise but this
time I skipped the English linguistic communication guide. Just wanted to wander past times myself.

Honestly, I couldn't consider whatever differences betwixt the other palaces.
The designs, colors all look the same to me. Perhaps, entirely the
expert knows.

Reminded me of temples inwards Japan.

The ceiling's pigment is fading. Sooner or later, they require to restore it. 

A modest outpouring inwards the palace.

The gazebo where I had my fruits piece finishing
Tuesdays alongside Morrie.

The ministers or officials stone, from the ninth to the 1st at the around front.

The Haechi was grin piece a dragon wing was on its head. 

Another King Sejong's statue inwards here.

Deoksugung palace Museum of Arts. You may require to pay
separate admission fee to enter.

Natural H2O for drinking.

Some ahjummas were playing a traditional game.

We receive got this game inwards Malaysia too! You could consider the youngster was
wearing hanbok. Some people would article of apparel hanbok during Chuseok
holidays but generally won't. 

A traditional board game; Yut (Four-Stick Game).
I told the ahjusshis that I wanted to take their pictures piece they were playing.
They laughed away and played a few rounds for me. Such a sporting ahjusshis! They tried to
explain the rules to me but I couldn't empathize them! They could only
speak Korean. Aishhh..I want I had studied to a greater extent than Korean earlier coming. T_T

How to goSubway lines 1 & 2, City Hall Station, exits iii & 12, towards Deoksugung (Palace) 


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