Seoul Travel Destinations; Jeju Isle On Scooter

I accept never been to Jeju Island yet. However, I flora that it is impossible to explore Jeju Island on foot. The isle is but besides big! On the bad side, world shipping is non every bit efficient every bit inwards Seoul. Most tourists are comfortable alongside booking a machine but yous remove International Driving License for that. That would cost close RM150 for Malaysian to utilize for it which is alone valid for a year.

Fret not, for us budget traveler, nosotros accept about other option! You could ride a scooter in addition to the cost is cheaper than booking a car. I similar cheaper choice yous know..hehe. Just similar what I did when I explored Phuket, Thailand. Yeah! My friends in addition to I rented scooters for ii days in addition to the sense was unforgettable. Tut, Zie in addition to Aleh, withal retrieve those sweetness moments?^^

Book a scooter at Mr. Lee's bike shop.
Rate starts every bit inexpensive every bit 25,000won for one-half a day. 
The petrol cost inwards Republic of Korea every bit of straight off is 1,669 won/litre.
So brush upwardly your riding science now! I should too..hehe. 

Note: It is recommended that yous utilize for International Driving License. Otherwise, yous could ever rent a bicycle. ^^


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