Seoul Travel Destinations; Seven Days Itinerary Inward Korea

I possess got been asked past times many, what if they solely possess got a calendar week to pass inward Korea, where should they become or what should they do?

Assuming that the whole seven days you lot are inward Korea and excluding the flying arrival/departure.
This proffer is non necessary to live on done inward the companionship below. It is all upward to you lot together with the weather. ^^

1.Myeongdong - Namsan tower - Namdaemun

This 3 places are inward the same location. You tin create inside i day. From Myeongdong subway scheme station, you lot could walk approximately fifteen minutes up the loma to Namsan tower cable station. Myeongdong is a bang-up house to store for younger generation and I similar the unloose energy there. If you lot desire to lookout Nanta show you could opt for Myeongdong theather. Namdaemun is just across the route later you lot consummate the whole stretch of Myeongdong street together with a few shopping complex are approximately the are - Shinsegae, Lotte together with Avenue. I dear eating at the basement nutrient courtroom inward Lotte but most of the fourth dimension it's crowded.

2. Insadong - Jongno - Cheongyecheon - Gyeongbok/Chandeok palace - Dongdaemun

If you lot walk along the Cheongyecheon stream, you lot could choose the exits to Jongno, Insadong or Dongdaemun. They are just very unopen to each other. If you lot dear antiques together with arts galleries take the chance to taste the beauty of Insadong. There are so many korean traditional eating theatre to select approximately this area. At the cease of the Insadong street you lot could catch the infamous Gyeongbok/Chandeok palace. Gyeongbok is the masculine type of palace while Chandeok is the feminine counterpart. I dear both palace. Try to visit both if you lot possess got the time. Dongdaemun is improve visited at nighttime because the house is heated upward inward betwixt 10PM to 5AM.

3.Nami island

The house is a chip farther out from Seoul. You may demand to take 1 lx minutes together with a one-half prepare from Cheongyanni Station together with stopped at Gapyeong Station. From there, possess got a taxi to the jetty and a ferry to the island. If you lot dear the Winter Sonata hitting drama past times Bae Yong Jun together with Choi Ji Woo, don't missy this spot. I prefer
this house inward tumble together with winter.

4. Yeoido/Yeoinaru - Hangang River - 63 Building - Aquaria

If you lot desire to catch the broadcasting stations similar KBS together with MBC, you should become to Yeoido/Yeoinaru together with and hence catch the 63 building where they possess got an aquarium attached. Complete your hateful solar daytime with Hangang River cruise at night. This house is pretty inward spring.

5. Lotte World/Everland

Choose i of the subject parks. Lotte footing is simply inward Seoul near Jamsil but you lot demand to possess got a 1 lx minutes autobus to Everland. The entry price is most the same but Everland is much bigger. Avoid school holidays or populace holidays because the queue for the games will be never ending story. One whole hateful solar daytime is needed for subject park.

6. DMZ - Demilitarized Zone

Stretched farther out from Seoul. This is a house worth visiting cause it is a house similar no other inward South Korea. DMZ is the border between Republic of Korea together with North Korea

7. Apgujeong for K-pop lovers / National Museum for historical lovers/ Shopping 

You mightiness come across your K-pop idols inward Apgujeong but this is non a guarantee. Try walking into whatever of the postal service salons at that spot together with you lot mightiness bumped into them. Final hateful solar daytime should live on left for gratuitous tour. You could select the suggested one or simply create some shopping earlier you lot leave of absence Korea.

There are hence many places to catch inward Korea which are left out:
Hongik/Hongdae or Ewha/Sinchon - students flock this surface area because a few universities
are here.
Gwanghamun - King Sejong together with General Lee Lord's Day Shin statue together with their memorial
Gyeongju - If you lot possess got some other 2-3 days extra, a MUST catch historical site.
Jeju isle - If you lot possess got some other 2-3 days extra, the infamous isle amongst an inactive volcano mount Halla.

 what if they solely possess got a calendar week to pass inward <a href=Korea Seoul Travel Destinations; seven days itinerary inward Korea">


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