Seoul Travel Destinations; Locomote Amongst Mi Hyeon

Mi Hyeon  언니!

Mi Hyeon met me inwards Santisuk, Jinbu in addition to nosotros became practiced friends afterward that. She has never travelled lone inwards her life in addition to was surprised when she knew that I travelled lone inwards Korea. She was hesitant earlier quitting her 10 years project every bit a populace kindergarden teacher. In the end, she followed her ain wishing made years earlier which is to go past times herself. Did I hand her bad vibes? Yikes!! Hehehe..

After getting the permission from her husband, she travelled amongst me to Manila, Malaysia in addition to Singapore . We went to Manila  from Incheon via Cebu Pacific Airways (budget flying inwards the Philippine) on 22nd of May in addition to enjoyed Manila for 3 days. After having a pretty super hot summertime inwards Malate, we flied dorsum to Malaysia via AirAsia. Why Manila? Initially, at that spot was no at 1 time flying hosted past times AirAsia yet, thence the cheapest road was to wing via Cebu Pacific in addition to and so dorsum to Malaysia via AirAsia. ^^

Before flying to Manila at 11PM, nosotros went to Myeongdong to picket Nanta in addition to visited fine art gallery inwards Insadong during the day.


With Mi Hyeon's childhood friend. I stayed 1 nighttime at her
place. Her household is so pretty amongst a fiddling Japanese garden inwards front.
My dream house. 

Both of us are fans of So Ji Sub!

Met this Canadian duet iii times; Oct 2009 inwards Myeongdong,
December 2009 inwards Busan in addition to May 2010 inwards Insadong. Coincidence?
Hmm..I should visit them inwards Ottawa 1 day. They told me that it's
colder during wintertime compared to Korea!

In Holika Holika, a cosmetic store endorsed past times CNBLUE.
I personally recommend the Strawberry BB Cream behind me. 
It is kinda like mouse foundation, non oily in addition to rattling soft to skin.

CNBLUE!! I met them but non inwards person.. ㅠㅠ

In the flight, I met a Korean guy who has a Philipino girl inwards Manila. He didn't await similar a typical Korean at all (tall, thin, fair peel in addition to lalala) so I was a combat surprised. He was tanned similar Malay, a combat plump in addition to didn't convey Korean accent. I was to a greater extent than surprised when he spoke simply about Tagalog. :O

Once nosotros arrived inwards Manila, the temperature was 34 celcius in addition to the fourth dimension was 12.30AM. So hot!!!

Prior to visiting Manila, I was advised past times a few friends to hold out extra careful acre inwards Manila. Hmm..even earlier embarking the flying I was petrified past times this warning. Why? Is it non prophylactic to go Manila? I convey this perception that Manila is simply similar Malaysia.

 Manila NA3 Airport


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