Seoul Travel Destinations; Three Months Itinerary on Due South Korea

3 Months Itinerary inwards Republic of Korea from September 29th until Dec 26th 2009

I received an electronic mail from a reader of my weblog for my three months itinerary inwards South Korea. FOR MALAYSIAN: There is a ninety days tourist visa understanding betwixt Malaysia too Republic of Korea too for those who desire to create backpacking too rest longer inwards South Korea, this is a skillful news.

This is besides 1 of the argue why I decided to see Korea rather than Japan; because of VISA. Nihon lost me on this one..hehe.

Initially my aim is to role exactly RM 5,000 for the whole journeying but it busted unopen to RM 1,000 extra.

Places that I've been to inwards the gild below inside ninety days :
Seoul - v days
Bonghwa - two weeks
Busan - four days
Geoje Island - v days
Tongyeong - three days
Jinju -  1 day
Gwangju - v days
Seoul - 1 week
Gwangcheon - two weeks
Jinbu - three weeks
Busan - v days
Gyeongju - 1 day
Seoul - v days

I excluded Jeju isle eventhough I convey heard many raved reviews nigh it entirely because the timing was non correct at that fourth dimension too and then many warm too form people urging me to rest longer amongst them. No worries, I could come upwardly 1 time again for Jeju isle inwards future, right?

RM 2,000 - I bought the ticket from Malaysia Airlines (You could genuinely trim this flying fare significantly past times using Air Asia to Manila too CebuPacific to Incheon - unopen to RM 1,000 furnish ticket)

RM 3,000 + 1,000(extra) - food, transportation, lodging
I used extensively which offers free lodging too did WWOOF for free nutrient too lodging. Hence, the argue why I was able to go inwards Korea amongst that budget.

Click the link for my How-To explanation nigh Couchsurfing too WWOOF inwards South Korea.

Please live on reminded that I am non a shopaholic too then this budget powerfulness non live on agreeable to those who are. ^^

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