Seoul Travel Destinations; Don't Repeat My Mistakes

I listing out some of my bloopers piece travelling inwards Republic of Korea which I could remember. Hope it helps! 

1. I didn't activate my ATM carte du jour for international withdrawal

Before I depart to Korea, I did telephone telephone my banking firm to activate my credit cards. (Make certain y'all have got 2 cards at least, Visa too Master each) I also called to activate my ATM carte du jour ( I alone have got 1 saving account, bad movement :( ). The worst percentage was the carte du jour was non activated because I didn't ship a formal alphabetic lineament to the banking firm stating the reasons for international withdrawal. I didn't know that I could non exactly telephone telephone the banking firm too acquire the carte du jour activated! 

I had alone or too hence 50,000 won for 1 calendar week inwards Seoul. The minute I went to the ATM machine inwards Dongdaemun, the carte du jour was rejected. I tried 3 times, it was even too hence rejected. Hmmm..later that nighttime I emailed my friend inwards Malaysia hollo for her sister's assist to activate my card. Luckily, she could uplift the block because she was the director inwards ascendancy department. 

I wanted to give cheers my adept friend Hassan for lending me his coin piece I was inwards dire demand for cash. May Allah bless you. 

Moral of the story: Make certain y'all follow the right physical care for amongst banks. Don't assume!

2. I went to the incorrect autobus final too picked the incorrect date 

Hanim too I decided to pick out Gwangcheon for wwoofing. Since Seoul has 3 dissimilar autobus terminals, I wasn't certain which 1 to go. So I checked amongst the guesthouse's owner. He said I should become to the Main Bus Terminal. We took a taxi because Hanim had a huge trolley handbag piece I had a 15kg backpack. We ruled out subway scheme fifty-fifty though it's cheaper. It was likewise much hassle going from Yaksu Station to Main Bus Terminal Station amongst heavy luggages. We paid or too hence 10,000 won for the taxi.

Once nosotros reached the autobus terminal, the ticket officeholder told me that I should become to Nambu Bus Terminal instead. "What?!! Come're bluffing right?" too hence I thought. I had no pick but to lead the subway scheme too headed for Nambu. Aigoo.. I should have got double checked too asked for 2d opinion.

To exceed on that, nosotros had to expect most iv hours for the bus. There were too hence many people going dorsum to their hometown because of world holiday. My mistake. Again too again. Should have got picked some other appointment instead of that day. Click the link here for our ticket to Gwangcheon. 

Check this link for to a greater extent than data on Bus Terminals inwards Seoul. 

Moral of the story: Get 2d persuasion if you're non certain too conception your itinerary well. 

3. I didn't banking firm stand upwardly for the review of WWOOF's host

Before going to Gwangcheon I was a fight curious on the WWOOF's host detail. It was stated inwards the WWOOF's majority that the host could have got xx WWOOFers at 1 time. 20! cool. I imagined that I could encounter other people from or too hence the the world volunteering there. I didn't think twice too pick out Gwangcheon. 

It was dissimilar from my imagination. The farm was too hence huge too alone the host,his wife, me too Hanim working on it. It way working your donkey off from dawn to dusk. Harvesting is usually done during autumn. It was fun too bitter memories at the same time. Sometimes nosotros received assist from grandmothers living inwards the village. They were paid or too hence 40,000 won for whole day. So cheap! I compassion them. 

By the 2d week, (I don't know why I persevered. Maybe because I took it inwards adept stride) I idea that this was likewise much too at that minute Yong Jun came to salvage us. Read the balance here

Moral of the story: Try to Google for a review on the host before going. WWOOF is supposed to endure a cultural telephone substitution thingy where y'all merchandise working for 4-6 hours per solar daytime for FREE lodging too food. It is non slavery. 

4. I didn't rent/buy a handphone

Vandalism is pretty null inwards Republic of Korea too hence I refused to rent/buy a handphone too opting to job world telephone instead. However, it is real difficult to locate them sometimes too I could non contact my friends or WWOOF hosts when I had an emergency. 

It wasn't until the 3rd calendar month inwards Republic of Korea that I decided to purchase a used handphone. It happened past times accident. I was on my way to Dongdaemun but I chose to drib off at Dongdaemun Stadium because I idea of exploring the expanse or too hence at that spot too after walked my way to Dongdaemun instead. After walking or too hence 100 metres from the exit, I institute a stretch of shops selling handphones but the advertisements exterior the store was written inwards Russian. I was curious. Hmm..maybe they sell inexpensive handphones for Russian workers?

I striking a jackpot. ^^. I barged into the store too bought a used Samsung handphone for 15,000 won too prepaid reload for 10,000 won. There was a fox though. Normally they demand your Alien registration carte du jour for proof, but I told them I hadn't acquire mine yet too I wanted to rent the handphone earlier. My application went through. Yeay!

You could acquire a used handphone for FREE likewise but it doesn't have got much function. If y'all failed to rent/buy one, acquire your Korean friend to buy/rent for y'all in 1 lawsuit y'all achieve Seoul. They could purchase from GMarket too. 

Moral of the story: Just rent/buy a used handphone. It's cheap. 

5. I forgot to convey medication

WWOOFing is non easy. I forgot to convey some analgesic cream or Yoko-Yoko for my sore musculus after a difficult solar daytime farming ^^. Intentionally, I left my Tiger balm because I assumed I didn't demand it here. You never know when y'all demand one. I had a severe tum ache too I wished I had 1 amongst me at that time. If y'all are prone to gastric similar me, gear upwardly your prescription ahead. 

Moral of the story: Prepare your medication ahead. 

6. I didn't larn sufficient Korean survival phrases

I know it's difficult to larn a unusual language. It's much harder if the linguistic communication doesn't job the same English linguistic communication alphabet. Aigoo..Before going, I tried my best to larn Korean. But it wasn't enough. I stumbled likewise many times for the origin calendar month but piece of cake I picked upwardly the of import daily sentences used past times the locals. Some regions have got their ain dialects (Saturi). If y'all become to Busan, they beak totally dissimilar Korean from Seoulites. I dearest Busan saturi though. It's similar music to my ears.

Moral of the story: Buy 1 good Koreasurvival phrasebook similar Lonely Planet's.



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