Seoul Travel Destinations; Go To Manila Amongst Mi Hyeon

We reached Manila NA3 Airport at most 0030 inwards the morning. Once nosotros were inwards the arrival hall, a few guys approached us for taxi. There were 2 methods to hail taxi. One was from the front end of arrival hall or some other from the difference hall entrance. Taxis from arrival hall was a fixed charge per unit of measurement of 500pesos spell the other i you lot could haggle the cost downwards to 350pesos.

So nosotros dashed to the difference hall for the obvious reason: budget ^^. There were a lot of people sleeping at the cozy in addition to spacious difference hall which I should had done besides but I discarded the idea (hehhe..I slept inwards Hongkong Airport before). Since Manila was cheaper than Korea; I didn't heed the cost in addition to thus much for some other nighttime stay.

We stayed inwards Malate Pensionne which was walking distance from Robinson. Checking into economic scheme room for 750pesos per nighttime was non a wise decision. I didn't banking corporation represent the conditions ahead earlier arriving inwards Manila. The room exclusively had a fan in addition to it didn't assist that much when the air was in addition to thus humid in addition to temperature was or in addition to thus 34 grade celcius at 2 inwards the morning! Apparently, nosotros went during the hottest summertime flavor inwards Manila. So guys, assist Mother Earth. Let's trim down this global warming upshot together.

The bath was shared or in addition to thus the flooring in addition to nosotros stayed at the highest flat which was 4th. We should accept booked an air conditioned room. Other than that, Malate Pensionne was actually a overnice house to stay. The interior was overnice amongst antique ambiance throughout the place. There was a Starbucks cafe' attached to the building, side past times side to the receptionist in addition to the java cost was much cheaper than inwards Malaysia! I beloved that ^^.

Sugar coated fried banana in addition to sugariness potato. Nice ^^ I felt dorsum in
Malaysia except that nosotros don't accept this version of banana fritters.
I didn't try a lot of nutrient inwards Manila because non all nutrient was HALAL. 

Pedro Gil Street. The subway scheme station is exactly behind Mi Hyeon.

Pedro Gil Station's ticket booth.

Somehow, this reminded me of Patong/Phuket, Thailand. The feeling
was almost the same. 

Our trishaw guy. Paid 200Pesos for an Intramuros Tour. Actually,
you could savor Intramuros to a greater extent than if you lot walk, but the rut was
killing us in addition to thus nosotros decided non to. The same affair here, you lot should
haggle the cost in addition to tipping was a norm. 

In front end of Intramuros's entrance. What I similar most staying around
Malate was because of quondam historical buildings. There were in addition to thus many
to appreciate in addition to marvel at. 

A disfunctioned canon on top of Intramuros

Puerta del Parian was named Parian de Arroceros (Chinese Rice Dealer's Market).  
It was the official gate for the governors-general afterwards the British describe of piece of job (1762-1764).
Source: Asiatour

Inside Puerta del Parian.

Statue of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ministers within Puerta Del Parian. 
One of them was Malaysia's Tun Hussein Onn. 

Another entrance from behind.

After leaving Intramuros, nosotros walked along the primary route to visit
Rizal Park. We passed past times Manila Hotel in addition to I idea it
looked similar authorities building. 

Manila Cathedral. I was stopped past times the guard from
entering the church. He told me I should opened upward my hijab
before entering. I told him that I am a Muslim. He was
curious in addition to asked me why I wanted to enter. I was 
simply a tourist. ^^

After that, nosotros skipped the rut past times entering Robinson Mall. 

When nosotros entered the supermarket inwards the mall, nosotros were welcomed by
delicious fruits. I was tempted to purchase all because inwards Korea, fruits were
rather expensive in addition to non every bit much multifariousness every bit inwards tropical countries.

This was the starting fourth dimension time Mi Hyeon ate a whole mango. Before this
she could exclusively consume mango slices from the top of the cake or mango
juice. I compassion her. Koreans, delight come upward to Malaysia. We accept so 
many fruits available here..hehe. 

We had buko pandan drink. It was heavenly delicious!
I missed the pandan sense of savour in addition to thus much!

We constitute this unique multi handphone charging adapator
in 7-Eleven. I didn't elbow grease it though. Should accept i of this
in Malaysia too. It is really convenient. 

Clark Airport. We took our AirAsia flying from here. 

Our dinner in addition to breakfast at Clark Airport. 
Outbox past times San Miguel. They had exclusively i dish for vegetarian. 

A gift for all Kim Bum's fan out there. ^^ 
I intend the lady must hold out a famous local creative mortal inwards the Philippine. 


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