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 I did banking concern jibe out this portal in addition to bought a hoodie in addition to some other shirt <a href=Seoul Travel Destinations; Gmarket - Online Shopping" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5446415711487085522" src="" style="cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 202px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 320px;" />
Ever heard of Gmarket is his twin simply lives inward Korea..hehe. When I was inward Malaysia, I did banking concern jibe out this portal in addition to bought a hoodie in addition to some other shirt. The parcel + delivery costed roughly MYR140. What a allow down, both ordered character were sucks..seriously. I bet I'd rather purchase it from a parcel store at Uptown Danau Kota.

However, my beloved thing amongst Gmarket didn't halt at that point. I ordered a wintertime jacket which was alone 15,900 won in addition to sent to Jinbu address(where I remain now). Unfortunately this time, I forgot to banking concern jibe its shoulder size properly in addition to autumn prey to my ain wrongdoing. The jacket's was 37cm piece my shoulder slants towards the giant shrek size - 42cm..hehe. Yeah, I'm a big os giant! ^^ So, I gave it to Haein. This is totally my ain fault. No interrogation asked. But........ the color of the jacket was non nearly to similar color at all. I ordered nighttime brownish simply I received lighter brown..sheeshh. That's why I convey told myself earlier never to purchase things online! Why Zarina..why didn't you lot heed to yourself??!!

The cry for shopping could survive inexpensive simply still...don't follow my path. Buy clothes IF AND ONLY IF you lot could run into the color, experience the material, endeavour it on in addition to similar an 'ahjumma' enquire for discount..hehe.

Never the least, if you lot desire to convey a sense of savour how Gmarket is, caput over to its English site in addition to if you lot are articulate inward Korean, click on here.

Gmarket rigid points:
  • you tin dismiss lodge kpop items in addition to korean quirky fashion items - they are in addition to then pretty!
  • delivery is fast - domestic i or 2 days, international - unopen to 1 week
  • you could pay via PAYPAL/credit card
  • my advice - alone purchase the NOW hot exceptional for meliorate deal
  • quality of the stuff is practiced simply all depends to the seller
  • gmarket has hugeeeeeeeeeeee stock - ranging from clothes to makeup to nutrient refer it
WARNING No 1: The site is heavy on flash, you lot may demand higher RAM PC in addition to for me it's best to sentiment amongst Internet Explorer.

WARNING No 2: The cost could survive real inexpensive in addition to you lot volition survive tempted. Don't say me I didn't warn you lot on this! ^_^

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