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Have yous e'er tried using Naver, the virtually pop search engine inwards Korea?

Naver (Hangul: 네이버) is past times far the virtually pop search portal inwards South Korea, amongst a marketplace set part of over 70%, compared to 2% of Google.Naver was launched inwards June 1999 past times ex-Samsung employees, the kickoff portal inwards Korea that used its ain proprietary search engine. (Info past times Wikipedia)

Naver is similar what Google is to us together with similar what Baidu is to Chinese. Korean prefer Naver than Google. Since I am nevertheless crawling to read Hangul so 'Naver is never' my favourite search engine..hehehe. My host's children go Naver to play games or read manhwa (manga inwards korean) everytime afterwards school.

At 1 time, I was looking behind Haein's shoulder to banking concern tally at a game she was playing inwards junior Naver. Yes...there is a junior Naver. ^^ With Haein together with Hojin's help, I constitute a few games which could assist me larn Korean better. The games are primarily for Korean children to brush upward their English linguistic communication exactly I intend it industrial plant for me equally good together with I promise it volition assist others learning Korean equally well.

Here's how:

1. Go to Naver website -

2. Click at junior naver -

and yous volition live on directed to the website :

3. Click at AB영어스쿨 together with yous volition live on directed to

4. Click at the moving-picture present inwards a higher house 영어게임 together with yous volition live on directed to

5. I volition usually play these 2 games to improve my vocabulary

There are other games of course of report exactly at that topographic point are equally good many for me to try. You could hunt them yourself ok?

PS. You may require Flash installed inwards your PC to play the games.

Tell me if it is fun together with helpful ok?


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