Seoul Travel Destinations; Seoul Metro

This is a listing of underground stations inwards Seoul which I had been to before. I intend it mightiness live on helpful for yous to know them when yous travel.

All the stations' names are equipped inwards English linguistic communication simply if yous larn lost together with uncertain how to pronounce the station's name, it mightiness live on adept if yous convey it inwards Hangul.

Imagine yourself, lost inwards Seoul Metropolis. You fit a slice of newspaper amongst underground station's advert written inwards Hangul. Then, exhibit it to the passersby amongst a smile confront for direction. The probability of not English linguistic communication speaking Korean helping yous or fifty-fifty leading yous straight to the station volition live on higher.  ^^ Bingo!

Subway - jihachol - 지하철
Station - yok - 역
Note: The 'o' sounds inwards 'yok' together with 'jihachol' is pronounce equally 'jaw' inwards English.

Anguk - 안국

Apgujeong - 앞구정

Cheongnyangni   (Seoul Metro) - 청량리

Gangbyeon - 강변

Gwanghamun - 광화문

Gyeongbokgung - 경복궁

Hoegi - 회기

Myeong-dong - 명동

Noryangjin - 노량진

Samseong  - 삼성

Yaksu - 약수

Yongsan - 용산

Note: The 'o' audio inwards 'Yongsan' is pronounced like to the 'o' of 'low' inwards English
Check the residue of the stations that I convey listed inwards here.


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