Seoul Travel Destinations; Jinbu Outing

Nandida had visitors from Seoul; Mr Lee's identify unit of measurement from Songpa-gu on the weekend but Andy too me insisted to explore Jinbu eventhough the conditions today felt similar winter. I wishing to run across the cherry blossoms this jump but it seems then bleak now. Aigoo..

The snowfall drizzled lightly when nosotros walked out of the house. We were glad that it was non then mutual frigidness crusade there's no stiff breeze. After a few metres walking, nosotros hitchhiked alongside a guy too a twain of his friends partly enroute to Jinbu. The guy planned to view a mineral spa nearby then he could driblet us to the nearest charabanc stop. We walked until the terminate of the junction too hitchhiked i time to a greater extent than alongside an onetime human being alongside a cute domestic dog named Gami. Apparently he is a chemist working inwards Jinbu too his English linguistic communication was pretty fluent. He lived inwards Los Angeles almost four months when he was young.

I know..I know..we were simply damn bored beingness at abode too braved this 
winter similar weather. It's already 27th March for God sake. I desire spring!!

Why oh why the conditions is then cold?!! Grrr...

We dropped past times at this pocket-size eating seat to swallow mandu 
and Jjin ppang (red edible bean bun).

Steaming buns too mandu..yummy.

jjin ppang = ruby-red edible bean bun = pau kacang merah (in Malaysia)

Free advertisement for jjin ppang ^^

This is the place..(near J Mart)

Later, nosotros had some odeng (fish paste) too bungoppang (fish shaped ruby-red edible bean cookies)

A pocket-size metropolis but non then bad.

We visited a pocket-size fish market.

Dried salted fish

We flora a pocket-size cafe at the corner of the road 
for a quaff of caffe' latte

A real cute boy.
We met a white guy!! He's from New York too currently 
teaching English linguistic communication at Jinbu Elementary School. We met him twice. 
Once when nosotros asked him if he knew whatever bookshop roughly Jinbu
cause Andy wanted some postcards to transportation dorsum abode too the
second fourth dimension was at Jinbu Bus Terminal crusade he's leaving for
Seoul too nosotros were waiting for charabanc to Lee Seung Bok Memorial.
Yeah..this globe is pocket-size or perchance Jinbu is..hehe

Jinbu Bus Terminal

Mangosteen gummy.

The charabanc to Lee Seung Bok Memorial - i means is 1,550 won.



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