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I went to Yongin Folk Village during Chuseok 2009. Chi Won's parents dropped me off inwards forepart of the Yongin's Folk Village's gate earlier they drove off to run into their relatives during Chuseok. I wished Chi Won could come upwards along but she had to work!! Being a Dr. is only besides hard..bla bla bla.

This house is huge. You may need at to the lowest degree 3-4 hours to appreciate it. One of the reasons is because the performances are done every bit scheduled too if you lot immature adult woman whatever i of them, too hence they won't direct keep a repeat. I was lucky because I could consider people making Korean rice cake - songpyeon traditionally too at the same fourth dimension filled my stomach! I could withal recall the sense of savor till now. Makes me wanna run to whatever Korean eatery immediately too inquire them to brand me one.*salivating*

The entrance to Yongin's Folk Village.

Souvenir shops

Drying peppers

The peppers sense of savor sweeter than other peppers I had tasted before.
Recently I tried using Babas pepper pulverisation to brand kimchi but
the sense of savor was weird. I should larn the pepper pulverisation from Korean
Supermarket inwards Ampang instead.
Seoul Travel Destinations; Yongin Folk Village">고추 = gochu  = pepper 
Seoul Travel Destinations; Yongin Folk Village">Seoul Travel Destinations; Yongin Folk Village">고추 가루  = gochu garu = pepper powder

A totem pole that is supposed to ward off evil spirits. Normally
it comes inwards pairs - a manly someone too a woman someone totem pole.

Write downwards your wish/es on a newspaper too necktie it on the rope.

Wanted! Anyone saw this man?
Is that what it says? Hardly understood the hanja. ㅋㅋㅋ
ㅋㅋㅋ =  hehehe..

Roof from rice straw. Some of the houses used that dorsum then.

An upgraded one, using wood.

Dutiful boy monument...hmm. What close daughter?

Yut game

Dried vegetables for winter.

Kids trying their hands on songpyeon.

The ahjumma was cleaning the rice too gear upwards it traditionally.

Gdragon await alike toddler.  ㅋㅋㅋ

The sign of early on autumn.

Making thread.

Samulnori performance.

Wow! I wishing I direct keep a video photographic boob tube camera at that moment.

Another interesting performance. The audience couldn't stop
laughing when the granddaddy talked. I wonder what he told
them. Hmmm...

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 store selling Korean traditional paper. 

The human was making a slice of paper.

The lady used Korean traditional newspaper to consummate the doll.

Lee Jun Ki's The Man too The King's filming location. 

Daejanggeum (Jewel of the Palace)'s filming location.

Filming Location: Daejanggeum (Jewel of the palace) , The Man too the King

Open: From 0900 to 1830, fourth dimension may modify betwixt seasons.

12,000 won / inclusive of Museum is 15,000 won / total parcel is 18,000 won
Full Package: Includes fees for Admission, Korean Traditional Haunted House, Folk Village & World Folklore Village, Facilities inwards the Family Park

How to Go:
1- From Exit No. half-dozen of Gangnam Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 2) or Exit No. seven or Yangjae Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 7), accept City Express Bus No. 1560 or 5000-1 too larn off at Korean Folk Village (30-40 infinitesimal ride).

2- At Jamsil Subway Station (Subway Line No. 2) accept City Express Bus No. 1116. (one hr too 10-20 infinitesimal ride)

Official Website: Korean Folk Village
Information Source: KNTO

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