Seoul Travel Destinations; Jinbu Outing Alongside Instant Young

Min Young, a 20 twelvemonth quondam Seoulite came every bit a invitee inward Santisuk inward belatedly April. She rented the room for 50,000 won per night. However, surprisingly Nandida offered her to operate amongst her for a twelvemonth in addition to report english amongst the wwoofers which was a peachy idea. Since then, nosotros became practiced friends. These days nosotros went to the opened upwardly marketplace inward Jinbu only amongst Haein.

It snowed whenever nosotros wanted to larn out. Our outing has its ain especial name, every bit invented past times Hojin - 'Prison Break'

Haein amongst her spongebob bag. We couldn't await to exit only nosotros missed the 2.10pm omnibus to Jinbu. Luckily, Nandida's friend gave us a ride.
Nandida's friend bought us tteokpokki in addition to heotteok earlier she left us.

Nandida'a friend on almost left.
Haein's schoolmate in addition to apparently she's the prettiest
because she's our princess!! ^^
Min Young in addition to Haein.
W drank banana milk which I previously hate. I prefer the bluish version -
lite banana milk rather than the regular greenish which tasted similar cold/flu
medicine to me.

The low-cal version.

I took this motion-picture exhibit from Lee Seung Bok memorial only it was thus
ironic drive the side past times side twenty-four hours it was vivid in addition to sunny.

I bought facial expression upwardly masks for the identify unit of measurement in addition to nosotros tried it.

Though Haein is nevertheless immature - eleven years quondam only nosotros
wanted her to bring a tryout too..hehe.


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