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My favourite flavour volition ever live on tumble but wintertime is no better. Most Malaysians dream of going to Korea because of Hallyu wave, cheers to Bae Yong Jun from Winter Sonata 겨울 연가 together with to sense dissimilar season, of course. ^^

As my friend Yani in 1 trial told me; "I desire to run across snowfall inwards Christmas!". She had it lucky because surprisingly it snowed on Christmas 2009. White Christmas!! She was amazed together with imitated Choi Ji Woo inwards Winter Sonata, opening her palm waiting for the starting fourth dimension snow.

If yous desire to sense wintertime inwards Korea, I bet that it won't live on perfect without skiing or snowboarding at whatever 1 of these famous resorts. There are 2 famous provinces to see during wintertime inwards South Korea:  Gangwon-do together with Gyeonggi-do. Most of the ski resorts are located here.

For now, this post service volition explicate virtually Ski resorts inwards Gangwon-do only. Another post service volition comprehend Gyeonggi-do's.

Yongpyong Ski Resort

This is 1 of the filming locations for Winter Sonata. Yu-jin's company, Polaris, together with Min-hyeong's (Kang Jun Sang) society sign a contract to function on the same blueprint projection at the Dragon Valley Ski Resort. The resort offers a tour for Winter Sonata fan. You tin laissez passer on notice banking venture jibe the details here.

Click the link below for:
Official site
Rental price
Lift price
Lesson price
Resort guide map
Accommodation Reservation : Hotel

How to go:
By Shuttle Bus
Daewon Express Bus(=Purple ski bus),Tel. 82-2-575-7710, 82-2-2201-7710 (ENGLISH)
0900 - at Lotte Mart, Gate#4 of Jamsil Station (Subway Line 2)
1300 -  Gate#2 of Sports Complexs Station(Subway Line 2) - Lord's Day Only

One Way ₩ 15,000(Adult) / ₩ 12,000(Child)
Round Trip ₩ 28,000(Adult) / ₩ 22,000(Child)

By Public Express Bus from Seoul
Take a jitney from Gangbyeon Station (Line 2) to Hwenggye
Donghae Express Bus - Eastern Seoul Terminal (02-458-4854 7)
One agency        ₩ 15,000(Adult)

From Hwenggye Bus Terminal, guide maintain costless shuttle jitney to Yongpyong Resort (12 times a twenty-four hr catamenia / ten instant ride)
* 4:40am, 5:40am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:10am, 10:30am, 12:00am, 2:00pm, 4:20pm, 5:30pm, 11:30pm

Phoenix Ski Resort 

The resort offers a total of seventeen slopes, 4 of which are approved yesteryear the FIS (International Ski Federation), together with has superb snowfall quality. Particularly pop is the ‘Panorama Slope’, which is an impressive 2.2km long together with has an average width of 46meters. Eight ski lifts, state-of-the-art gondolas, together with vi conveyer belts carry visitors roughly the commons rapidly together with efficiently.

Click the link below for:
Official site
Accommodation : Youth Hostel , Condo, Hotel

How to go:
Express, Public Bus
Dong Seoul - Jangpyeong 6:20AM-6:55PM (departs every 30min)

Nearby Tourism Attractions
Odaesan (Woljeongsa Temple) - I visited this temple when I Wwoofed inwards Santisuk, Jinbu. Check out my post service here.

Gangwon Folk Museum, Jeongdongjin Beach, Gyeongpodae Beach, etc.

1- I recommend renting a motel/guesthouse close Yongpyong area. You could rent a 50,000 won motel per nighttime together with adjust five to 6 people inside. Depends on your comfortability level. For me, it's all virtually enjoying snowboarding/skiing that matters most. Sleep comes second. ^^ 

2- There are lots of ski/snowboard rental shops roughly Yongpyong expanse together with they offering cheaper rental charge per unit of measurement than the resort.

3- Normally the ski/snowboard rental shops offer free shuttle van to the resort if yous rent equipments amongst them. Just enquire the counter for the costless lift. 

4- Don't forget to select a few chocolate bars amongst you. When yous slide downwards the slopes yous volition live on hungry inwards no fourth dimension particularly inwards mutual depression temperature weather.

5- If yous guide maintain a Korean friend, they could teach the lift/admission together with rental toll cheaper using their Korean credit cards upwards to 40-50% off. 

Adhoc Budget : A grouping tour budget (5-6 people) 
*assuming that yous don't bespeak ski/snowboard lesson 50,000 won

Bus Seoul (Return) to Yeongpyong - 24,000 won
A nighttime remain inwards motel/guesthouse - 20,000 won
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner - 30,000 won
Rental (Day + Night) - 35,000 won
Lift (whole day) - 90,000 won
Estimated Total : 199,000 won per person

Buy snowboarding equipments from Gmarket.
AsiaNews virtually Snowboarding inwards Korea
Check out reviews from snowboarders who had visited the resorts: Andrewaka22


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