Seoul Travel Destinations; Mo Immature From Incheon

I met Min Young inward Apr when she was a invitee inward Santisuk. Right after that nosotros striking it off together with became friends though she is to a greater extent than than a decade younger than me. I hateful she is thirteen years apart from me exactly her mindset is pretty quondam for a daughter similar her. Hehe..mian he min immature aa.

I had five days off  from fifth May to pass amongst Min Young together with her identify unit of measurement inward Incheon due to Parent's Day celebration. We hitchhiked iii times from Santisuk to Jangpyeong rider vehicle concluding together with took a rider vehicle to Wonju. We transferred about other rider vehicle from at that topographic point to Incheon.

Jangpyeong rider vehicle terminal

Incheon Terminal Complex (bus)

We stopped past times at the restroom inward the concluding and 
I was amazed at this manus cleaner. Particularly because
there was an LCD TV on tiptop of it. How advance!
Even inward the restroom..

We took the subway scheme (subway) to Bupyeong Station
because Min Young wanted to drib past times at a 
Pat bing su store over there.

The Incheon subway is operated past times Incheon Metro.
You could conduct maintain this describe of piece of job to larn to Incheon Airport.

The handsome Joe Odagiri together with the gorgeous
Song Hye Kyo's Levis advertizement board. 

Yummy..the pat bing su inward Bupyeong.
팥(Pat) = Sweet cerise beans
빙수 (Bing Su) = Shaved ice

Another type of pat bing su that nosotros tried a few days later.

We took a rider vehicle from Bupyeong to Min Young's house.

Korea.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">Korea.jpg" />
We ate Mcdonalds for luncheon earlier nosotros returned to 
Santisuk. It was xv minutes earlier luncheon hr and
we got to run across how they changed the menu. It was
changed manually!! ^__^

Our luncheon together with mine was shrimp burger which I don't
get to consume 1 inward Malaysia. It terms most 3,500 won
for a educate menu.

Vandalism inward Korea's restroom experience. It was
my offset fourth dimension seeing it. Anyone attention to brand a 
guess on the meaning? 

Korean+kids.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">Korean+kids.jpg" />
Korean kids that I met inward front end of Min Young's Flower Shop.


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