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Today nosotros made injolmi, korean rice cake coated inward nut powder. Injolmi is non actually i of my favourite, simply I don't care. I am happy every bit long every bit I could satisfy my fetish of Korean rice cake. We accept a korean rice cake main hailed from Busan - Mr Lee.

The ingredients:
sticky rice
sesame oil
nut powder
mugwort powder

Me together with my workers..hehe. From Left: Hyun Bin ssi, Andy, Nandida, Me together with Nandida's aunt.

Mr Lee, the main chef preparing the tools to brand injolmi

The starting fourth dimension swing

The instant swing

 The tertiary swing from Chef Andy

Mine is the fourth, the pestle is together with thus heavy!!

Nandida was the fifth

Nandida's aunt was the sixth

Hyun Bin ssi was the seventh

Haein was the eighth

Added approximately mugwort pulverization for the instant portion

Mr Lee taking approximately of the injolmi to coat amongst the nut powder

Covering the rice cake amongst nut powder

Cutting it to seize amongst teeth size


Proud of their difficult work!!

Chef Andy preparing more. Compare the size of his helper..hehe

Drinking korean traditional tea, wearing an apron amongst a quirky hat..Perfect!! ^^

Finally, my ain sweetness fourth dimension amongst my injolmi together with a loving cup of couldn't endure better.


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