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Mi Hyeon visited my hometown later both of us travelled to Manila. We flyed via AirAsia from Clark Airport, Manila together with reached LCCT, Sepang only about iv inwards the evening. I ordered Nasi Briyani inwards the bird together with likely because I hadn't eaten Malaysian nutrient for quite some fourth dimension made me desire to gild a few packs more.

My hometown from the car's dashboard. it? ^^ Mi Hyeon
likes it thence much that she ever cry that my hometown is thence
green. Hmm..maybe that's why I dear my hometown. So peaceful..

Mi Hyeon worked for Korean world kindergarden for 10 years before
she quit her chore together with decided to travel. However one-time flaming volition never die.
She yet tried her hands on educational activity Malaysian kids hither inwards my hometown!
Guess what she taught them? Korean words!! Hangul..hahaha.

She was lucky to encounter the traditonal trip the calorie-free fantastic toe performed yesteryear the kids. They
were genuinely preparing for a contest between kindergardens all over

The origin fourth dimension seeing 'sukun' or breadstuff fruit. The sense of savor is nothing
similar to whatsoever fruits inwards Korea. Probably sweetness spud (koguma)
but yet it is different.

The fried 'sukun' or breadfruit.

In front end of a model of traditional Malay house. She asked why my ain house
was non similar this. I said because the woods is pricy and it toll a bomb
to keep the trouble solid itself.

Loving my hometown amongst a Korean heart
shape symbol. That's palm crude tree behind her.

Buying a baju kurung(Malay women's clothes) amongst
my woman nurture together with niece

We convey mango tree inwards front end of the trouble solid together with it was the flavor when
she came. Our menage unit of measurement had equally good much of it earlier together with everyday she ate
mango for breakfast, dejeuner together with dinner.^^. I bought the dragon fruit
for her to elbow grease but she prefers mango.

In Desaru, Johor amongst my mother. Argghh..I demand a beach vacation
now too.

Enjoying satay amongst my parents later going dorsum from the beach.

The famous Kluang Station bun at Kluang.

The famous java of Kluang Station. I'm officially an addict now.

With my younger sis together with brothers acre waiting for the nutrient
at Kluang Station.

After having Mi Hyeon amongst my family, I came to appreciate my hometown more. 

10 differences betwixt Malaysia together with South Korea

  1. Population: Republic of Korea is dominated yesteryear Koreans but Malaysia is really colorful. Mi Hyeon idea she was inwards some other Blue Planet when she origin arrived inwards KL Sentral. ^^

  2. Food: 500ml of cooking crude could final for 2-3 months inwards Republic of Korea but Malaysians dear fried food. We slanted towards beingness the fatty nation. ^^

  3. Exercise: Mi Hyeon loves walking only about my hometown early on inwards the morn for do but I dear to slumber to a greater extent than because it's mutual depression temperature hither grrrr...

  4. Complexion: At 40, she looks thence young! Me..hmm, judgemental..hehe.

  5. Fiber: She loves high fiber food- vegetables together with fruit. I dear high refined saccharify food- rice, rice, rice 

  6. Toilet: Don't demand to pay for lav inwards Korea but need to inwards some places inwards Malaysia. So, Mi Hyeon ever asked me to frequent the nearby petrol station which is FREE. ^^

  7. Subway/Train: Just pay 1 time fifty-fifty if yous transfer inwards betwixt lines inwards Korea but inwards Malaysia yous convey to pay split tickets.

  8. Greeting: We bow inwards Republic of Korea but for Malay, nosotros milk shiver hands together with kiss the dorsum of the palm if the recipient is older than you.

  9. Socks: Koreans close of the fourth dimension apparel socks inwards the trouble solid but nosotros walk barefoot.

  10. Chopstick: Chinese in Malaysia role chopstick to swallow together with some of them role fork together with spoon but Malay together with Indian to a greater extent than ofttimes than non role mitt to swallow rice. I was asked yesteryear a Korean inwards Bonghwa earlier how could I swallow amongst hands? How produce I grapple the hot food? Just hold off until it cools down, together with thence yous tin eat. ^^


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