Seoul Travel Destinations; Kim Nam Gil - Bad Guy/나쁜 남자

Since the drama has ended on fifth August inward Korea, I intend I should convey your attending to this unimaginably talented actor; Kim Nam Gil.

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Kim Nam Gil is good known equally the grapheme Bidam inward Queen Seondok (sageuk drama) but inward his latest drama - Bad Guy, he is simply stunning as well as shining! Changing his phase advert from Lee Han to his existent name; Kim Nam Gil was a wise move. The advert Kim Nam Gil fits him perfectly.I felt a chip regret at i time that I accept to expression for about other two years earlier he could act; he is at i time inward Army since 15th July.

His acting is superb. Period.
I don't know when as well as where he surfaced from but since Queen Seondok, he is been inward demand. I intend he left us with a masterpiece so nosotros volition crave for him to a greater extent than later. Every smirk, chuckle, smile, as well as stare were simply also existent to intend that it was simply acting.

All the actors as well as actresses pose their best human foot frontwards inward Bad Guy drama as well as I wonder why the drama's rating is so disappointing? Maybe the drama genre is nighttime as well as heavy I guess. What attracte me to the drama was how polish the transition from i plot to another. The drama was non similar equally virtually dramas where nosotros could predict the evolution of the story. It pulled me as well as my friends as well as nosotros were glued.

Try downloading the drama from MediumQuality and the subtitle from WithS2

The drama was directed past times Lee Hyung Min , the manager for about other awesome drama starring So Ji Sub - MISA. Although I accept about grudges towards the manager for making a cliche ending (just similar MISA) but I  applaud him for his fine photographic tv set camera shot, angle as well as whatever that makes the drama as well as hence entertaining from the kickoff mo to the last. It seems equally though I was watching a pic inward i seating although the drama has 17 episodes.  That's how proficient the character of the painting is. Almost similar a movie.

Wait..another cry for for compliment; The Bad Guy/나쁜 남자 OST. Download them here.

I involve about other scoop of Bad Guy. ^^ So addictive!

What occupation yous intend of Bad Guy drama? Has anyone watched it?

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