Seoul Travel Destinations; How To Tegument Fruits The Korean Way

How to tegument fruits the Korean way? There's no specific method, non really. However, it became but about form of cultural stupor to me if non a barrier.

Other than the facts that Korean's lifestyle is well for yous together with they consume truckloads of vegetables together with fruits, why did I fifty-fifty get upward this topic? Is it related at all to Korean civilisation together with lifestyle?

Yes, it does.

Once, I was given a describe of piece of job yesteryear an ahjumma when I was GwangcheonChungcheong-do province. The describe of piece of job was simple. I was assigned to tegument apple tree together with persimmon later lunch. Even earlier I started, I had failed.


Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few halmoni-del (grandmothers) who helped harvesting the cabbage had tiffin together alongside me together with the family. Initially, they complimented me because I resembled the daughter adjacent door who could produce all the household chores. (I'm not! ^^ but I own got the overnice gestures)

But that changed later they saw how I concur my knife. (There's cypher incorrect alongside my knife asset style. I was taught that agency yesteryear my mother)

I failed at i time at that moment. Hehehe..I was greeted by- "oooo..ahhhh..that's dangerous, that's wrong!" Immediately, i of the halmoni-del grabbed the knife from me together with started peeling. Phew..Peeling fruits? No longer my describe of piece of job now. ^^

This is how I concur my knife. (Note the background music. It's Korean song!
How ironic..hehe.)

Check here for Korean-style. Concentrate on the commencement 1 minute. 

It seems real crucial for a Korean lady to go able to tegument fruits nicely because it shows how competent she is inward the kitchen. How could yous compare a plate of nicely sliced fruits alongside a plate of whatever, right? ^^


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