Seoul Travel Destinations; Ratana's 100 24-Hour Interval Birthday

In Korea, 100 days ever way something special. H5N1 feast is prepared for 100 day's baby, a toast is shared betwixt a couple, a household unit of measurement or colleagues gathered to congratulate an employee for beingness inward the component division for 100 days as well as etc. The 100 hateful solar daytime is considered every bit surviving menstruation of the baby/couple/employee.

I had an sense of 1 spell I was inward Santisuk because of the cute babe Ratana. That hateful solar daytime was her 100th hateful solar daytime Birthday. My happiness was that I was served alongside my favourite delicacies such every bit rice cakes, cerise bean, jabchae. Yummy...

Read to a greater extent than virtually 100 days birthday here.

Min Young, Casper, Dag as well as me had our breakfast
before preparing Ratana's party.

Mr Lee, the chef preparing rice cake covered 
with mashed cerise bean

The rice cake inward mashed cerise bean

Fried fish. This fish is actually pop amid korean family. I
couldn't recollect the mention simply Bun Sok told me that because
it's inexpensive if it is that size. If it is bigger, it volition last rattling much

This is the 100 days rice cake. 

Japchae. - a exceptional 1 for me, without meat. 

Injeolmi - the form of rice cake that I like. 

Twigim - fried vegetables as well as fish fillet

All the glorious banchan - side dishes that I miss now.

The principal course of education for the babe party.

Mi Hyeon's husband, Mi Hyeon, Min Young, Casper, 
Nandida as well as Ratana

Me, asset Ratana alongside the global household unit of measurement approximately me.

This was my final hateful solar daytime inward Santisuk. T_T

Ratana cried because she didn't desire me to go. Hehe..

2 pinky girls. 


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