Seoul Travel Destinations; Verbalise To Me on Korean

This is roughly other worthy root of Korean Language studies that I follow now. If you lot retrieve Hyun Woo Dominicus from Korean Class 101, he is the creator of this portal (yeap..the same Hyun Woo). I bring met him personally inwards Seoul too instantly he is no longer amongst Korean Class 101. I yet acquire from KoreanClass101 though too a few other notable websites.

What makes me desire to acquire from TTMIK (Talk to me inwards Korean):
  • It has roughly what like format amongst KoreanClass101 but ameliorate layout too tardily on eyes graphic. Not equally good much hype too messy website template. It makes learning easier
  • FREE podcast too notes (Donate to assistance them, crusade they assistance us ^^)
  • friendly teachers amongst fast answer later you lot comment
  • just because Hyun Woo Dominicus is jjang!! ^^
Head over to TTMIK to learn!
Add Korean/436808480033">TTMIK inwards Facebook too.

Hyun Woo Dominicus also has a few other websites virtually Korea that you lot mightiness hold upwards interested to browse:
  1. sendmetokorea
  3. Hyun Woo Dominicus inwards Youtube
  4. Language Cast
  5. HyunWooSun
  6. DailyPhotos


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