Seoul Travel Destinations; Staying Amongst Miju - Couchsurfing Host

I dearest but I but know this of late earlier I went to Korea. I wishing I knew it earlier I visited other countries. Couchsurfing is practically gratuitous where yous could rest a few days or fifty-fifty longer (depending on the host) as well as telephone commutation cultures as well as go stories.

It is practical if:
1- yous are on budget
2- yous go alone
3- yous accept enough of time

Before I went to Seoul I checked couchsurfing for nigh a calendar week as well as post asking some 20-30 hosts. Fortunately, Miju replied my asking as well as agreed spell the balance rejected me. It was inconvenient because yous ask longer grooming to arrange/schedule crusade your host powerfulness hold upward working as well as accept their ain materials to do. Those who don't desire the hassle powerfulness but mass a hostel/guesthouse/hotel.

Miju's woman nurture couldn't verbalise English linguistic communication but both of her boy as well as miss verbalise fluently. She was such a warm someone as well as tried to accommodate me every bit much every bit possible. She made me miss my mom fifty-fifty more!!  Miju stays inwards Nowon-Gu (Nowon station, Line 4/Line 7) which is some 1 hr to Myeongdong past times subway.

 Flowers blooming some her house.

 Miju's mom is learning how to run upward hanbok (Korean traditional dress)
on weekdays. Since I came on weekend, she couldn't demo me her 
hanbok that she has sewn crusade she left it at the class.
That was Miju's foot, fifty-fifty her pes couldn't fit.

 She could only demo me the socks (yangmal) that
she has finished sewing. It was cute but couldn't fit
my giant feet.

 Her woman nurture made a particular fish, egg as well as vegetables 
dinner for me. The rice was cooked alongside a few type 
of beans thus the colour. I am totally inwards dearest alongside this
menu crusade as well as so many veges to eat!! The quaff is bori cha 
(barley tea). I volition hold upward slimmer inwards no fourth dimension ^^

 In the morn she made tteok guk for breakfast.
She picked some pinkish flowers (right paw side) at the garden
as tabular array ornament - such an artist! By the agency Miju's mom
is left handed. I told her that leftist is ingenious.

Making haemul buchu jeon. 해물부추전

Haemul buchu jeon 해물부추전
haemul - seafood
buchu - chives
jeon - pancake

 The room that I stayed as well as I slept on the flooring with
the majestic mattress (right paw side).

 Definitely gonna miss both of them!!

Miju plant every bit a nurse as well as she is strict alongside the type
of nutrient that they consume.

Haemul Dwenjang Jjigae 해물된장찌개
Seafood soybean stew. Miju's mom made 
it less salty but the agency I similar it. I dearest my kimchi
to hold upward rattling sour eg ii years kimchi but I don't like 
salty food. Visit Maangchi website if yous want
to acquire far yoursel.


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